The Huge Star Hoobastank Turned Down for a Guest Spot on Their Album

Hoobastank turned down popular singer Rihanna for a guest appearance on her third major-label album in 2006. everyone for myselfBack then, Rihanna wasn’t the big star she is today.

“Fun facts: [Rihanna] Featured on the song Hoobastank on their third album,” the rock group shared with fans this week after the now-major pop star performed the Super Bowl LVII halftime show on Feb. 12.

However, “After hearing that they decided to go with the version without Rihanna. Uh…..because….they made a mistake,” the band said on social media on Feb. 14. joked in the update of

In a statement to Consequence, Hoobastank singer Doug Rob elaborated: everyone for myselfwas approached by someone at our label, Island Def Jam, about the possibility of featuring “new artists”.

He explained: We said, ‘Sure. Who are you thinking? It was Rihanna. I had never heard of her. At the time, she had no one else in the band. I think.”

Rob continues: …we heard it and didn’t really like it, so we didn’t use it. It’s really that simple. …I think if she had done a proper collaboration with her and had written the song knowing another artist was going to be on board and made space for it, she would probably have used it differently.

everyone for myself Including 1998, it’s actually Hoobastank’s fourth album. They certainly don’t make basketball shorts like they used to…when the band still spelled their name as “Hoobastank”.

Last year, Hoobastank produced a documentary on the making of the 2001 album. Listen to “Inside of You” below.

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