The Glorious Pursuit of Guitar Music

when you pick up the question book premier guitar, you are chasing music. And I bet you and I have been doing it all our lives whenever we can. The more you pursue, learn and discover the sounds that might make, the brighter the flame.

The first spark for me came in my parents’ kitchen listening to WEXT, a rural station broadcast by my mother Rose from New Britain, Connecticut. So I learned that music can tell you where you are, like Marty Robbins’ “El Paso,” and through songs like Johnny Cash’s “The Ballad of Ira Hayes,” other people’s wildly different lives. I found out that I will introduce you. Television has also become an avenue of exploration. I was only 6 years old, but I remember seeing and hearing The Beatles. The Ed Sullivan Show I didn’t quite get it (all the screaming!), but figuring out that rock’n’roll was something I had to look into. Shindig! When hula baloo It introduced me to the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, Herman’s Hermits, and the same-birthday giant, Howlin’ Wolf. (June 10th … Feel free to send me a card!) johnny cash show It spotlighted Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, and Derek and the Dominos.When midnight special I took an interest in just about every major rock and R&B artist in the early 70s and fell down a lifetime rabbit hole of blues and soul when Ray Charles and Ike & Tina Turner came along. The initial pocket money, 50 cents a week, eventually $2 for him, was spent on music. (first album: The sound of Johnny Cashat $2 at Woolworths and I still own it. It features my first guitar hero, Luther Perkins.)

I soon discovered that there was such a thing as music journalism and was drawn to the writings of Robert Palmer and Lester Bangs, musician, eventually creating a bone as an editor. Each of these discoveries kindled a chase, and by the time I entered college, I spent part of almost every weekend scouring new and used record stores from New York City to Hartford. Also, from my Bridgeport school, I could easily travel to Manhattan to experience the punk revolution.

Somewhere along the line the guitar fell into my hands and a new dimension developed slowly and painstakingly (though I wasn’t born with it). There, I was able to participate in a deeper part of that great musical continuum, ultimately learning the unspoken language of musicians. It’s a rich tongue that conveys. So A lot of emotional information without a single vowel. sound dialogue. It’s amazing, it’s powerful, it’s profound, it’s one of a kind. If there’s any real magic, it’s listening to and playing music.

That magic has taken me to many places. I saw the band at CBGB and went to that stage many times. I played in New England clubs that I sneaked into when I was underage and caught GE Smith with scratch bands and other regional heroes. Ultimately, the music I played took me all over the country and Europe, and in May the Bonnaroo and Memphis stages, French Cognac Blues Passions and Swiss Blues Rules, and so many roadhouses, We went to dive bars, breweries and BBQ joints. I don’t think I remember them all, but I do.

Here’s the gist: Music is an adventure of a lifetime. No matter how different we seem, we are chasing together. The sound excites us. I would be surprised if you weren’t taken somewhere else. It actually shocks me. As guitarists, even those of us who have never left our couches were captivated. I’ve never played a song, strummed a melody, slammed a favorite riff and suddenly found myself completely removed from my surroundings. Definitely a guitarist, even though he’s never played a gig and struggles to form his B chord in open position. No one should judge you (I know it’s hard not to judge yourself).

It’s an honor and a privilege for us PG Introduce new players, reintroduce loved ones, spark interest in new guitar music, shed light on new gear and how to use it, and provide signposts to master the gear you own To do. Better. We do not take this lightly. And we love tracking as much as you do.

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