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Take Tudor, a singer from Transylvania looking for inspiration in England. Add in Manchester songwriter Wayne and incredible musicians James, Shawn and Ryan from Mancunia and you have all the ingredients for her band Zakuza, a five-piece guitar. The band live, love and hang out in Manchester’s Music City. Their latest single, the uplifting ‘A Life Full Of Color’, is out now.

To form the band in 2018, it was Wayne who was working on the wealth of material, gathering and developing cohorts James, Sean and Ryan. After nearly giving up on finding a vocalist, I discovered Tudor in 2019. A chemical reaction took place immediately. Kuza is complete.

Since that moment, the band has enjoyed originality (the rarity), embracing their collective eclectic musical influences from Northern Soul to Death Metal, Bowie to Slayer, while remaining prolific and innovative in the studio. Proud. As you can see, the band loves to think, feel, dance, sing, cry, jump, and even ‘no barriers’. This glorious blend of cultures and personalities has resulted in an uninterrupted stream of great music. Luxurious melodies, captivating lyrics, soaring guitars, energy, beauty, edge and pathos. All come with hooks, after hooks and after hooks.

They’re also incredible live, supporting the likes of New Model Army, never seeming to play the same set twice, and have their own distribution of their ever-growing music catalog. Having already recorded at Abbey Road, Metropolis and Larkins Farm, they will pull 12 of his songs from that catalog and release their long-awaited debut album later this summer. Wayne describes the rich layers of this upcoming body of work:

We decided to find out more about the band, their thoughts, and their plans for the future…

Hello. Who are we talking to? Where are we today?
I’m Wayne.. one of the five Kzoids.. we’re in Manchester, a city in tropical north England and the heart of the musical universe..

The Cuza is a cool band name, why did you choose it?
Our singer Tudor is Transylvanian and came across the name Alexander Cuza, founder and top guy of modern Romania. Cuza is such a great word that we turned it into a secret society of sorts.

How would you describe your sound?
Unique to ourselves as we all have very different musical influences, from metal to funk to Bowie. But if I had to pin it, I’d describe it as hook-like, melodic, thoughtful, energetic and interesting alternative rock that likes to tell stories.

A new single “A Life Full Of Color” has been released. It’s a very reflective song. What inspired you?
Attended the funeral of a friend who chose to leave us a long time ago. I can only assume that he lost sight of the color, beauty, wonder and hope of his life. So instead of writing about loss, pain and heartbreak, he wrote about those colors and how we all have to find a way to keep them visible.

The video is pretty chill. What was the concept?
Our singer Tudor and his girlfriend Ana have just returned from a trip to Lisbon and Porto and Tudor has put together a video very nicely from that footage.

Your debut album is scheduled to land within the year. What is it called and what can you expect?
Our manager, Andrina, loved the song A Life Full of Color and suggested we use it as the album title…and it did. This album is a collection of 12 very different stories, stories and inspirations. No two tracks are the same for her. There are plenty of thoughtful moments and jumpy moments. It perfectly reflects our formative years.

What are your plans for the rest of 2023?
We are planning a European tour later this year to support the album release. We also have gigs in Manchester and London…more news…and we’ll see a lot of The Cuza this year’s festival season…again…look at this space Two more singles, Leeches (March 23rd) and Bones (May 23rd), will be released before the album’s release. It was a lot of fun making those videos.

Get the single “A Life Full Of Color” on Spotify and Apple Music.

Cuza is Tudor Todut – vocals, Wayne Edwards – guitars, James Adams – guitars/keyboards, Shaun Taylor – bass, Ryan Ormerod – drums.

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