The Creative Act review: Legendary music producer Rick Rubin has advice for us all

As a writer and musician, I am always interested in other people’s approaches to the creative process. I’m even more curious if that person is legendary music producer Rick Rubin. During Rubin’s decades-long career, he’s produced a wide mix of musicians and bands, from Slayer to Johnny Cash and the Beastie Boys to Adele.

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Rubin has poured all that experience into his new book. creative acta beautiful, cloth hardcover with intriguing subtitles, Way of beingThis subtitle alludes to what lies within, as Rubin’s approach is not a practical guide, but an existential investigation into the nature of creativity, art, and being part of humanity. It may sound harsh and highfalutin, but Rick Rubin is a sincere exploration of what constitutes creativity and its importance in all of our lives. He argues that we are all creative beings and that creativity comes in myriad forms. Part of the problem, he argues, is that most of us spend our time shutting ourselves off from the universe, from the ways we can create.

Followed by 400 pages of Rubin’s well-informed advice on how to engage in the creative act. It’s all about learning what can go wrong, trusting your inner voice, not letting outside influences get in your way, and finding a balance between these extremes.

Indeed, many creative act It’s all about balance and brings to mind many times the existential teachings of Buddhism and other forms of spirituality. Those looking for will be disappointed. creative act is not such a book. Rather, it is an in-depth look at the most basic of human impulses.

The Creative Act by Rick Rubin is out on January 17th (Canongate, £25). Available from The Big Issue shop on This helps support Big Issue and independent bookstores.

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