The BROOKLYN VARIETY RAMBLE New York City’s First Ongoing Country Music Variety Show, Debuts January 29

Broadcasting live from Brooklyn’s Bellhouse, the Brooklyn Variety Rumble (BVR) celebrates the best of country, bluegrass, Americana and American roots music. Rick Brantley, Nashville BROOKLYN, NY, January 17, 2023 – Brooklyn’s newest country music variety show, the Brooklyn Variety Rumble (BVR), is a 90-minute variety show that takes audiences through a country extravaganza. Entertain, enlighten and unite. Bluegrass, Americana and American roots music kicks off January 29th at The Bell House in Brooklyn, New York.

When discussing the vision for the new series, Creative Producer Robert Thompson said: The walks and hootenannys I found on a Saturday night in a small town in America. The goal of the Brooklyn Variety Rumble is to rekindle that community spirit. , comedy, and the great music of Heartland…and maybe meet new neighbors.Finally, everyone is welcome at the Brooklyn Variety Rumble.We are all here to foster musical citizenship.Our motto is, “Regardless of our differences, we all have one thing in common, Dolly Parton.”

Hosted by witty and charming Southern stand-up comedian Ali Clayton and featuring a house band of celebrated musicians led by Nashville artist/songwriter Rick Brantley, the Brooklyn Variety Rumble features three guests A monthly event where artists/songwriters perform original songs. Respect the timeless country classics. Themed nights are dedicated to celebrating the different styles and stars of country music, with surprise celebrity appearances. His three guest artists at the show’s first include Nashville singer/songwriter Julie Williams, Whiskey Heart’s lead singer and songwriter Rebecca Haviland, and Brooklyn-based country musician Christian Apputs. includes

Speaking about the series’ home in New York City, music director Rick Brantley said: With an incredible variety of artists and storytellers telling their stories and shining a light on their truth telling, we’re thrilled to bring this show to the city. “

Ahead of today’s announcement, the show pre-released its theme song “Brooklyn Ramble” last month and is available on Spotify, Amazon Music and iTunes. Starring), produced by Robert Thompson. Listen here: Spotify, iTunes, Amazon.

Brooklyn Variety Ramble is written and produced by Norianda Productions and executive produced by Schirmer Theatrical. Broadway’s Britten Ashford and Rick Brantley are serving as creative consultants for the show, along with producers Robert Thompson, Alyssa Foster and Alex Kosick.

The Brooklyn Variety Ramble’s first show takes place on January 29th at 7:30pm EDT at The Bell House in Brooklyn. $25.00 event. Link to buy tickets.

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