The 3 Tim Burton Movies Danny Elfman Didn’t Do The Music For (& Why)

Danny Elfman provided music for all but three of the Tim BurtonThe film highlights the unique relationship between the two artists in the absence of a composer in a partnership that spans nearly four decades.Their first collaboration was the 1985 film Pee-wee’s Big AdventureBurton, who was a fan of Elfman as the frontman of 80s new wave band Oingo Boingo, specifically asked Elfman to write the score. With Elfman’s first film score and Burton’s first feature film, a decades-long partnership was born, and Elfman would go on to play musicals, horror his comedies, film adaptations and nearly every subsequent Tim he Burton his project. provided music for and occasionally appeared in. of DC superheroes.

Including Netflix series Wednesday And the 1993 film directed by Henry Selick nightmare before christmas, Danny Elfman composed the music for 19 of Tim Burton’s 22 major projects. Burton and Elfman have developed such an iconic relationship that it’s notable and interesting that one of his in the director’s projects isn’t scored by a musician. But it’s impressive that this has only happened to him three times in his 40 years. The falling out between Burton and Elfman explains his one occasion where Elfman didn’t score the music for the former’s film, another failed collaboration is explained by the film’s musical origins, and the third is Mystery. was.

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3/3 Ed Wood (1994)

After six consecutive collaborations over a decade, the first Tim Burton film not scored by Danny Elfman was the 1994 biopic. Ed WoodThe composer who replaced Burton’s frequent collaborator was Howard Shore, who won three Academy Awards for his score. Lord of the Ring Trilogy.As talented as Shore, his work Ed Wood Even with a Saturn Award and Best Music Award from the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, Elfman’s lack of a score felt strange for a Tim Burton film.

but, Ed Wood arrived at the tail of batman returns (1992) and nightmare before christmas (1993), the lengthy production and simultaneous work on both productions created strain in the relationship between Burton and Elfman. In a 2015 Huffington interview with Her Post, Danny Elfman admitted that Tim He Burton didn’t score her 1994 Johnny He Depp-starring film. Elfman argues that intense periods make things “boilwhich culminated ininevitable explosionThe musician hinted that they hadn’t spoken to each other for a while, but that they felt bad about the situation a year later because of the family-like relationship they shared. .

after not working together Ed WoodDanny Elfman and Tim Burton made up, agreed to move forward, and have remained working partners ever since. made it clear that Mars Attack!so their newfound friendship earned Elfman the star-studded 1996 film.

2/3 Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)

rear Ed WoodElfman scored the next five Tim Burton Films up to 2007’s Dark Musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet StreetThere was no hint of drama to explain why Elfman provided no music. The simple explanation is that the score for the film was already provided by Stephen Sondheim.stay loyal sweeney toddThe original 1979 Broadway musical, Burton retained Sondheim’s score and songs without Elfman having to rework the music for the film.

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Burton and Elfman had already worked together on several musicals such as; nightmare before christmas, corpse brideWhen charlie and the chocolate factoryBut sweeney todd It was the first time Tim Burton had adapted a musical and did not choose to drop the original songs or score in favor of a new Elfman production. sweeney toddElfman had provided the 2007 score meet robinson When kingdomAfter a brief gap in collaboration, Burton and Elfman worked together again on the director’s 2010 live-action film. alice in wonderland remake.

1/3 Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (2016)

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children - Characters

2016 movie music instead of Elfman Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Contributed by Mike Higham and Matthew Margeson. Higham had already worked in the music department for several Tim Burton films. charlie and the chocolate factoryAlthough Danny Elfman didn’t score for a clear reason. Ed Wood When sweeney toddthe musician and director have yet to confirm why they didn’t work together. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.

It is speculated that Elfman did not write Burton’s music, so there does not appear to have been any omissions. Miss Peregrine Due to scheduling conflicts with 2016 sequel film scoring Alice in Wonderland, produced by Burton.following his completion Alice in Wonderland Score, Elfman embarked on the intense project of writing a violin concerto so quickly (via LA Weekly) that he probably didn’t have time to work on it. Miss PeregrineMusic of.

However, Elfman will be back for Burton’s next film, providing the score for the 2019 live-action film. dumboAlthough Tim Burton has yet to direct another film since then. dumbohe recruited Danny Elfman to provide the macabre score for the Netflix series, which premieres in 2022 Wednesday, the adams family A spin-off directed and executive produced by a gothic filmmaker.ever since Wednesday Already updated by Netflix, so it could be both Danny Elfman When Tim Burton Collaborate again in Season 2.

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