The 14 Creepiest Love Songs of All Time

Valentine’s Day brings to mind wholesome images of flowers, candies, hearts and romantic melodies, but it’s the spookiest love songs that are in the spotlight right now. Valentine’s Day is the darkest holiday.

The origin of the holiday dates back to ancient Rome. From February 13th to 15th, the Romans celebrated his annual fertility ritual, the Feast of Lupercalia. During festivals, everyone stripped naked to drink, and men sacrificed goats and dogs so that naked women could be flogged with fresh meat. believed to enhance. At the end of the festival, the male and female pairs were combined and allowed to be freaky for the rest of the night.

Eventually, the Catholic Church adopted a holiday believed to commemorate the martyrdom of Saint Valentine of Rome, who was beheaded for performing an unauthorized wedding.

Check out the 14 creepiest love songs below.

14 creepiest love songs


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