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meet taylor swift At midnight, the latest piece of her pop puzzle greets you. midnight, visual album. Since its release, the album’s era has advanced with big chart streaks and hit radio her singles, but in the midst of the Nightmare Era tour her ticket debacle, the singer’s visuals have somewhat sidelined her master plan. was relegated to Now, she’s keeping things on track with her music video for “Lavender Haze.”

In the video, which premiered Thursday, written and directed by Swift, the singer is seen lying in bed with her partner while a record plays in the background. Clouds cover the room, and after lighting a match, an eerie “haze” fills the room. The scene switches to Swift in the living room watching her lover singing as a weatherman on TV. wife. ”

As she moves towards the TV and pulls it away to reveal an aquarium in space, the room soon fills with literal lavender. It ends with the singer floating in the clouds of

Swift first previewed the “Lavender Haze” video in a teaser trailer that pulls together clips from all the music videos she’s made. midnight. First out of the gate was “Anti-Hero,” a controversial visual that specifically sought to convey the singer’s personal struggles with an eating disorder, but instead of a number on the scale, “Fat” I was criticized for using the term.


Shaking off the backlash, Swift shared a sparkling visual for “bejeweled.” This is a self-love anthem filled with positive affirmations. In the video, she slips into the role of Cinderella, with Haim stepping in as her mean stepsister and Laura Dern stepping in as her evil stepmother. With Dita Von Teese as her Fairy Godmother, Swift wowed the crowd at a talent show and won before completely ghosting the prince.

of midnight Visuals feature a cast of special guests, including Dern, the Haim sisters, and Von Teese to Jack Antonoff, Mike Verbiglia, and Pat McGrath.

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