Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Reunite at the 2023 Grammys: Watch the Moment

We know it’s not the same as before, but we remember it well. More than a decade after Harry Styles and Taylor Swift dated and parted ways, millions of heartbroken fans divorced parentsHowever, at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (February 5), the two singers, who had been separated for a long time, took time out to chat and support each other during the awards ceremony when mom and dad got together. They proved to be very good friends.

In an onsite video shot during Steve Lacy’s performance of “Bad Habits,” Swift can be seen heading to the Styles table in a flashy midnight blue two-piece gown. ‘As It Was’ singer takes home Album of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album harry’s house That night, stand up and greet her with a hug.

As Lizzo lowers a few chairs and dances to Lacy’s performance, the former pop power couple talks for about a minute before Swift gracefully slides off. Did she congratulate her “ex-boyfriend” (citing “Shake It Off”) on his win? Did they discuss how best to jointly grow their joint fanbase? We still don’t know what the conversation was about, but whatever it was, they were all smiles the entire time.

The moment mirrors Swift and Styles’ reunion at the Grammy Awards two years ago. folk tale. The two were also spotted in the video having a friendly conversation at the 2021 Awards, except Harry approached Taylor just like this year.

Following Bonnie Raitt’s “Just Like That,” “All Two Well (10 Minute Version)” was nominated for Song of the Year. It was “as as”,” a standing ovation. Snowmobile accidents, paper plane necklaces, and dozens of songs rumored to have been written about each other (see “Style” and “Two Ghosts”) are a thing of the past. Stars are friendlier than ever.

Watch Harry Styles and Taylor Swift reunite at the 2023 Grammy Awards below.

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