SZA was ‘shocked’ Phoebe Bridgers agreed to feature on Ghost in the Machine

SZA was “shocked” that Phoebe Bridgers agreed to star in ‘Ghost in the Machine’.

‘Kill Bill’ hitmaker admits he thought 28-year-old singer-songwriter turned down collaboration on her ‘SOS’ album, couldn’t believe how much he ‘disrespected’ his contribution .

Speaking to Alternative Press, she said: [Bridgers] I was surprised to find that they even came to the studio instead of actually playing the songs.

“She’s so lovely and we had the best time – she’s hilarious. I had no idea she was so funny. She literally downplayed that she did something crazy.” … I couldn’t believe it. , she’s just amazing, she’s amazing, I love it when she says, ‘You’re not wrong, you fucking bastard’. I love it… she just screams iconic vibes.

The 33-year-old star, whose real name is Solana Imani Lowe, has also vowed to keep making music outside the R+B “box” that people put her in.

she said: People didn’t pay attention when it was “Drew Barrymore” or “Prom.”

“Never thought ‘this is a phase’. I’ve always combined s***. It’s never been just one. I now have a bigger profile.” You want to call me R+B because I’m black, but you can’t define me. It does not mean that it is

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