SZA is celebrating being weed-free for 1 year

SZA is celebrating a year of weeding.

The “Kill Bill” hitmaker took to Twitter to mark the milestone, admitting he doesn’t “miss” marijuana.

She wrote on Monday (13.02.23): Never miss it.. I never thought I would say that.

The 33-year-old star added: Are doing ! ! One task at a time. (as original)”

Before quitting psychotropic drugs, Siza revealed that her “debilitating anxiety” made it difficult for her to be outside.

Meanwhile, Siza previously confessed that she was fired from a retail job because she was high.

In a Q&A on Twitter, when a fan asked which retailer she worked at before she rose to fame, Siza responded: My hometown pizzeria, and anywhere I can walk late and get cranky.

“I forgot Diesel too. They fired me for a weed brownie conspiracy… conspiracy (sic).

Fans then started tweeting SZA wanting to know more about her dismissal.

The singer happily obliged, telling her followers: When I walk into work, Shorty has a container full of brownies from home. Fresh hot… seems normal. She opens her em up in the break room and everyone starts crowding like ‘Woooooooooooooooooooooo’. She doesn’t say nuffin bout no drugs.

“Everyone takes one (n***** I know when you say it’s really three people)…I just got here…no one has eaten the whole thing, but mine Hungry ass eats two like “Hmm, free BREAKFASS”! 30 minutes passed.

“I start sweating… look at the n******** across the sales floor and they laugh and s***… i wow i have to boo boo i I’m nauseous I… be careful I don’t know… it’s been 10 minutes.

“In short, I’m the only one who came out of their actual skin that looked like they’d eaten meth. Called into the office. I don’t know why this is happening. I need a doctor.” Tell her she will fire me (sic).

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