Sundance Ascap Music Café marks 25 years at the Sundance Film Festival, celebrating the magic of music in film with live performances

Cheers to our 25-year partnership with sundance film festival, American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) For the first time since 2020, it returns directly to the festival for its 25th annual Sundance ASCAP Music CafeHighlighting the natural bond between music and film, The Café will host ASCAP songwriters and composers on Friday, January 20, 2023, from 2-5pm at The Park, 950 Iron Horse Drive. promises an afternoon of exclusive performances and insightful conversations featuring in Park City, Utah.

The Sundance ASCAP Music Café showcases today’s most exciting songwriters and composers. This year’s musical guests include singer-songwriters. friend the devilan up-and-coming songwriter working on folk experiments mixing influences of country, rock and heavy metal Sharia NicoleSharing the stage with music giants such as Beyoncé, Redisi and Stevie Wonder, and providing vocals to the song. slumacclaimed poet, hip-hop musician, producer, actor and director saul williams, slum artist/poet Momoru SK Stewart National Poetry Slam finalist Jose Soto I will appear at the end of the day.

ASCAP screen timeASCAP’s interview series on the technology and business of screen music debuts in person and hosts two exclusive conversations about some of the festival’s most anticipated films.longtime collaborator director Justin Chong and composer Roger Money discuss the latest projects Jamojaya,Composer Nainita Desai, alongside the director Laura McGann We consider her approach to garnering the long-awaited premiere of deepest breath.

“It’s been 25 years since we launched the first Sundance ASCAP Music Cafe to celebrate the magic of music in film, so it’s very special to be back in person in Park City this year.” Told. Loretta Muñoz, ASCAP Assistant Vice President, Membership“We are delighted to continue our tradition of spotlighting talented ASCAP members and creating an intimate space for discovering the creators of music that captivates audiences around the world.”

To view the full schedule of performances and get to know the cafe’s artists, visit Follow ASCAP for updates on his ASCAP event at the Sundance Film Festival. twitterFacebook, Instagram and through the event hashtag #ASCAPMusicCafe.

music in movies
The 2023 Sundance Film Festival will include many films and audio/visual projects highlighting the music of ASCAP’s composer and songwriter members. ASCAP’s composers and foreign affiliates that have provided music for the festival’s film and audio/visual projects this year are: For more information, please visit

Hans Zimmer & David Fleming (Night Logan Awakens), Michael Abels (landscape with invisible hand), John Powell (Still: The Films of Michael J. Fox), Nainita Desai (deepest breath)kwes (Lylane), Marcelo Zarbos (Cassandro), Leonard Haiblum (witchcraft), Nathan Matthew David (Stephen Curry: Underrated), Mark Sonnenbrick & Noah Galvin (original song theater camp), Tsundere Gegede (mother moon), Nathan Halpern (Plan C)Roger Suen (jamojaya), Evgeny Galperin & Sascha Galperin (Pod generation), Robin Coudart (someone else’s child)Samora Pindarhaj & Christopher Pattishall (Going to Mars: The Nikki Giovanni Project), Alice Englert & Cameron MacArthur (bad behavior), Richard Reed Parry (Eileen), Dennis Ojeda (bad press), Samantha Crane (fancy dance), Ramachandra Bolkar (the longest goodbye)Gary Gunn (thousand and one), Greg Danner (small prayer), Michael Lee Bishop (My parents were abducted by aliens and now I feel left behind), Amin Bhafa (animal), Dan Brown & Charlie Brown (AUM: The Cult of the End of the World), Nigel Westlake (blue back), Ali Helnwein (Well done Burkina!), James Latimer (call me mama), Judith Burkson (Christopher at Sea), Hans Appelqvist (Claudio’s song), Dean Hurley (divinity), Mark Riordan (fur), Damien Galvez (Mariachi go to the Varsity), Tim Hecker (infinity pool)Boback Lotfipur (king call, run rabbit run), sterling hampton (Kylie), Olivia Bullock, Whitney Johnson & Okkyung Lee (Last Things), Paloma Penalbia (mama cruise), Neo Muyanga – The Best of Neo Muyanga (there is love), Matt Freedman (mirror party)Augustus Muller (my animal), David “lil’dave” Adams (Urika!)Patrick Johnson (scrapper)Irya Gmeyner & Martin Hedros (throw)Edvard Egilson (Smoke Sauna Sisterhood)Robin Pecknold (Dulles)Luigi Alemano (flying sailor)Oliver Allery & John Malfatti (double colonization)Charles Harvey Spears (Weapons and their names)John Jennings Boyd (young. wild. free.) When Talyana Katz (Mutt).

This year, the Sundance Film Festival will also welcome several feature films as encore screenings as part of the “Special Screenings” and “From the Collection” series. These films feature the following works by his ASCAP composers and overseas affiliates.

Marius Devries (coda, Navalny), quest love (Director of summer of the soul), saul williams (slum), Zviad Mugebri (klondike), Matt Robertson (Navalny), Dan Gut (doom generation).


The American Association of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) is a professional membership organization of songwriters, composers and music publishers of all kinds of music. ASCAP’s mission is to license and promote the music of its members and overseas affiliates, to obtain fair compensation for the performance of their works, and to distribute royalties collected based on those performances. ASCAP members write the world’s best-loved music, and ASCAP uses their music to add value to their businesses, from bars, restaurants, and retail to radio, television, and cable. It is a pioneer in providing efficient licensing of its music to 100,000 companies. Internet, mobile services, etc. The ASCAP license provides an efficient solution for companies to legally perform her ASCAP music while respecting a songwriter’s or composer’s right to be paid fairly. With more than 900,000 members representing more than 17 million works, ASCAP is the world leader in performance royalties, songwriter and composer service and advocacy, owned and managed by members of writers and publishers. is the only American Proving Rights Organization (PRO). For more information, please visit twitter and on Instagram @ASCAP and Facebook.

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