Stray Kids Release New Japanese Album ‘The Sound’: Stream It Now

After two albums topping the Billboard 200 in the last ten months, Stray Kids have announced another new project focused on the Japanese market.

On sale February 21st morning (February 22nd Japan time), The Sound Stray Kids’ first original Japanese full-length album. The 10-track record follows two previous EPs the boyband has packaged for Japan circus from 2022 all in From 2020. Those early EPs consisted of remakes of more than half of the K-pop material, The Sound Most of the songs are original.



Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Ahead of today’s full-length album, “Scars” and “Thunderous (Japanese Version)” released in 2021, “Case 143 (Japanese Version)” in 2022, and several singles including the raucous titles will be released on LP. was previewed. Today’s full-length album is preceded by the track “The Sound” in January and the rhythmic ballad “There” on February 15th.

Showing fan anticipation for the LP, Kids dominated the Top 5 of Billboard’s Hot Trending Songs chart by Twitter on Jan. 28, with the title track at No. 1 and “DLMLU,” “Novel,” and “Novel” cut. it was done. “Battle Ground” and “Lost Me” are numbered 2 through 5 respectively.

2 songs from The Sound “Case 143” was listed on the Japan Hot 100 chart on February 18, 2023. On the other hand, “The Sound” debuted at No. 96 last week at No. 34. So far, SKZ has peaked at No. 2 on the Japan Hot 100 in 2021 with “Scars.”

Stray Kids’ latest Korean album managed to top the Billboard 200 thanks to wide availability at retail outlets after being signed to Republic Records, but there are no indications of that at this time. The Sound Alternatively, the band’s other J-pop material will be available via retail outlets or physical albums, much like other Korean bands (such as BTS and TOMORROW X TOGETHER) have done before.

Looking ahead, Stray Kids will return to the states next month to make up for previously postponed dates in Atlanta and Fort Worth. maniac world tourand two shows at BMO Stadium in Los Angeles on March 31st and April 2nd for the first-ever arena concert in the United States.

Stream Stray Kids The Sound here.

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