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woman called The lawsuit follows a California law that temporarily waives the statute of limitations on child sexual abuse allegations. I was.

In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles and acquired by rolling stoneplaintiff Julia Holcomb, alleges that Tyler persuaded Holcomb’s mother to give her guardianship when she was 16, so that she could live with him and engage in sexual relations. She claims they were together from 1973 until about three years later. Tyler’s name is not in the lawsuit itself, and the defendants are named Defendants Doe 1 and Doe 2 to 50. there is rolling stone Tyler’s romantic life was mentioned in a 1976 band profile — it was published about past experiences with Tyler and was directly cited in the lawsuit. From Tyler’s own memoirs. In his book, Tyler likewise states that he “almost took a teenage bride,” without mentioning her name, adding, “Her parents fall in love with me and I get custody. I signed the paperwork for her so if I took her out of state, I took her on tour.”

“This action exposes an industry that protects celebrity criminals and makes me realize, along with so many other naive and vulnerable children and adults, that I will be exploited and exploited for years to come,” Holcombe said. We want to cleanse and hold an industry that has forgiven us accountable,” said Julia Misley, her current name, in a statement regarding her lawsuit. He also referenced the law allowing him to file lawsuits and the “exploitation” and trauma he claims he faced from Tyler. “I know I’m not the only one who’s been abused in the music industry, so it’s time for me to take this stand, take this action, speak out, and stand in solidarity with other survivors,” she said. I feel it.”

In the complaint, Holcomb alleges that Tyler “was powerless to resist his power, fame and considerable financial prowess” and that Tyler “convinced the plaintiff that this was a ‘romantic love affair’.” Holcomb said he met Tyler (who must have been 25 at the time of their meeting) shortly after his 16th birthday when Aerosmith played a concert in Portland, Oregon in 1973. According to the lawsuit, Tyler discussed Holcomb’s age in his hotel room. After he asked why she was out all night alone, Tyler and Holcombe talked about her troubles at home. “Performed various acts of criminal sexual conduct,” the lawsuit states.

Tyler also gave Holcomb a plane ticket to the next Aerosmith show in Seattle because he was underage and could not legally travel with him across state lines. It is said to have been purchased at After the Seattle show, Tyler allegedly performed more sexual acts on her, and Holcomb returned to Portland the next morning.

By 1974, as the lawsuit alleges, Tyler persuaded Holcombe’s mother to allow Holcomb to be her guardian. Tyler said he would provide Holcomb’s mother with better support than she would have at home, and promised to enroll her in school and provide medical care. Instead, they traveled together, assaulted, and continued to provide alcohol and drugs to plaintiff,” the lawsuit alleges.

Holcomb further alleges that she was pregnant with Tyler’s son in 1975 when she was 17, but had an abortion after Tyler insisted on having an abortion after an apartment fire. In arguing for her, he cited her smoke inhalation and lack of oxygen to the baby.The lawsuit claims that medical experts told her that her unborn baby was not harmed in the fire. she claims to have told her.

Ms. Holcomb was hesitant to have an abortion, according to the lawsuit, and Ms. Tyler threatened to stop supporting her if she didn’t proceed. After her abortion, she allegedly left Tyler and returned to Portland to change her life. She became a devout Catholic, met her husband, and buried her previous experience with Tyler until he wrote it in her book.

In her complaint, Holcomb said that the publication of Tyler’s memoir further disrupted her life. The memoir refers to her time spent with underage girls, without Holcomb’s consent, calling her alleged abuse a “romantic and affectionate relationship,” Suits says. Tyler also talks about her relationship with an underage girl in both her own memoir and Aerosmith’s autobiography. Aerosmith’s autobiography, published in 1997, mentions a relationship, an apartment fire, and an abortion, but Tyler called the girl Diana and said she was 14 when they met. However, in his memoir, she was 16 and wrote about the fire but not the abortion.In the lawsuit, Holcomb was mentioned in the memoir’s acknowledgments, which he said were further stripped of his anonymity. (Book acknowledgments include Julia Halcom, which may be a misspelling of her name. )

“She was 16 and knew how to be nasty and had no hair. A few pages later.” Bad self is 26 and she’s barely old to drive a car. She was a cute skinny little tomboy dressed as Little Bo Peep.She was my heartfelt wish. and was my partner in the crime of passion.”

The lawsuit is not the first time Holcomb has shared these details about her alleged experience with Tyler. Holcomb also spoke about her experience in the 2021 documentary to avert one’s eyes, It focused on sexual abuse in rock music culture.

“I got lost in rock ‘n’ roll culture. Stephen’s world was sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll, but it seemed just as chaotic as the world I left behind,” Holcomb said in 2011. He wrote in 1998 that he spent over an hour trying to force me to have an abortion because he told me I was too young to have children and was on fire and on drugs. Said it would damage the brain.

Holcomb’s case was filed on the last day of California’s Child Victims Act. This is a 2019 law that lifted the statute of limitations and allowed a childhood sexual abuse survivor a three-year lookback period for her to proceed with her allegations. The deadline for filing the lawsuit is December 31, 2022.


Tyler’s rep did not immediately respond rolling stonerequest for comment.

New York State has a law similar to the Adult Survivor Act that gives New Yorkers one year to sue for sexual misconduct they allegedly experienced as an adult, regardless of when the alleged incident occurred. Given. Since it took effect last month, two women have accused late record executive Ahmet Ertegun of sexual assaults in the 1980s and 1990s. California also passed a law to lift the statute of limitations on adult sexual abuse cases for her one year from January 1, 2023.

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