Steve Vai Sitting on Full Album Recorded With Ozzy Osbourne

Great guitarist Steve Vai collaborated with Ozzy Osbourne on the song “My Little Man” from Prince of Darkness’ 1995 album. OsmosisVai revealed that their working relationship went so well that they actually finished enough material for a full-length album.

“I’m reviewing the entire Ozzy record,” Vai told eonmusic before confirming that it has been shelved as he has no control or rights. That said, the guitarist recalls his experience as follows: The interesting thing about what we recorded from a guitar point of view is all the rhythm guitar parts, using octave his dividers, and the record sounds like nothing else. ”

Delving deeper into how he came to record so much material, Vai recalls: So I was one of the people they wanted to get together with. Wrote some songs for Ozzy’s record, used it on his record, and just recorded it with whoever worked with him on the record. ”

“So I was like, ‘Yeah, that would be great.’ I’d love to do it,” Vai continues. “But Ozzy and I were hooked and having fun, so we ended up recording a lot of songs. And we started making plans like, ‘Hey, let’s make a new record! ‘” All was well and excited until the hammer dropped. They basically said, “What are you doing? No, we’re just getting the songs from Vai and finishing the record. We’re already into it for this amount of money, and Vai is expensive.”

Ultimately, “My Little Man” was a contribution to Vai’s work. Osmosis Records, but he revealed some of the other tracks under consideration in the chat. “One of the songs was ‘Danger Zone,’ and I had already written it, and it was already done – it was a Gash track – and I was like, ‘Well, he’s going to like this. I redesigned it a little. , but it’s on the shelf. Vai also reveals that “Dyin’ Day” was his song. fire garden album under consideration.

He continues: I was like, ‘Okay, you’re going to work with Ozzy, and all these great guitarists have played with Ozzy.’ what are you going to do ‘I wasn’t going to be a convention. Well, you know, it’s not me, but I needed to be able to access it, so I thought, “I’m going to use octave dividers for everything.” That is, all rhythms.

Both artists have continued to thrive ever since.Vai recently invade We released an album last year, and in 2023 we have a Vai/Gush album planned. Meanwhile, Ozzy released a star-studded album, patient number 9last year.

Ozzy Osbourne “My Little Man”

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