Stephen Johnson named director of Bluegrass Music Capital Task Force

Stephen Johnson has been appointed director of the Bluegrass Music Initiative, which aims to prove that Owensboro is “the quintessential bluegrass music capital of the world”.

After serving on the Board of the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame and Museum for the past six years, Johnson said he was grateful and ready to jump into the position.

Johnson said at a special meeting called the city council on Tuesday that the mayor and the council are key stakeholders in the task force’s success.

“I want to applaud the work you guys have done. The mayor is a champion, a visionary, and has stepped forward. said Johnson.

In mid-November 2021, the city of Owensboro declared itself the bluegrass music capital of the world. Johnson said he felt a sense of urgency throughout the last year as local authorities tried to prove Owensboro could live up to its claims.

He believes the task force and other stakeholders urgently need to get ahead of other cities, such as Asheville and Raleigh, North Carolina, before they can claim to be bluegrass capitals. I pointed out that

“We have to do this properly for the legacy of the people involved in bluegrass music, the legacy that started the torch, and they will carry that torch long after we are gone. So we owe them that if nothing else,” Johnson said.

The new local government order, approved by the commissioner on Tuesday, states that Owensboro will serve as “a preeminent location to honor, celebrate and grow the entire bluegrass music industry, its artists and musicians,” along with Davis and surrounding counties. He said it would bring economic benefits to Boro.

The order states that the mayor and commissioner “affirm their wholehearted support, approval and assistance in the advancement of Owensboro, Kentucky as the quintessential bluegrass music capital of the world.”

Hall of Fame Executive Director Chris Joslin said the Bluegrass Music Initiative is pleased to welcome Johnson.

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