Spotify Users On iPhone To Get ‘Right Music’ For Workouts Via HealthKit Data – Spotify Technology (NYSE:SPOT)

Spotify Technology SA spot We are working on a new feature that will apparently allow Apple AAPL iOS Subscribers generate their ideal workout playlist based on their health data. health kit.

What happened: Hashtag inventor Chris Messina it took twitter Highlight code under development and indicate that HealthKit integration with Spotify may be released soon.

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According to Messina, the music streaming service will allow users to “get the right music” based on their health data to match their workouts with motivational audio. This includes workout type, distance and pace.

For those unfamiliar, HealthKit is an iOS API that allows third-party apps to access Apple’s health app data, says 9To5Mac.

Important reasons: In November, Spotify updated the Apple Watch app experience by including larger controls, swipe motion, and an improved library view. A new update allows users to like their favorite songs with just a swipe.

To get the updated Apple Watch experience, users must have the latest version of Spotify’s iOS app.

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