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Spiral lights keep lighting up Florida with music

Grateful Dead tribute band spiral light Four shows for Grateful Dead Night have been announced.3 of which he monthly Terra Fermata Held January 28th in Stewart, Florida. crazy uncle mike in Boca Raton in February.

spiral light

Spiral light function brown eyed woman lead guitarist Joni Bottari, Nick Landes with keyboards and vocals Mike Camacho with bass and vocals Scott Costa on drums.

we caught up with them Florida’s Grateful Gathering in November. At the time we wrote:

Spiral Lights is based on the east coast of Florida, Joni Bottari on lead guitar. Nick Landes with keyboards and vocals. Scott Costa On drums; indomitable Christian Walker on bass and vocals! John Hanrahan also made a guest appearance on drums with Costa.

[Bottari had played earlier in a collaboration titled Joni Bottari & Friends; it was superb.]

Bottari and Landes opened the curtain with a dream-like “Eye of the World” that was perfectly synchronized. They kept it low-key throughout “Like a Bird.” (I’d love to hear it paired with “Cold Rain and Snow.”) Next was a song I didn’t know, “My Brother Esau,” with charming lyrics wrapped around “Shadowboxing the Apocalypse.” .

Spiral Lights – Florida Appreciation Gathering. 📷: Mitch Levine

They embarked on the slowest, funkiest “Shakedown Street” imaginable, picking up the tempo as they rolled down the track. After Bottari blew out a brilliant wah-wah guitar his solo, the song turned into “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2” and everyone dug deep.

They played “Terrapin Station” to remember where the band got its name.

counting stars by candlelight
all dark but one bright
spiral light of venus
Stand up first and shine the brightest
above, from the northwest corner
brand new crescent moon
While crickets and cicadas chirp
unusual and different song
Terrapin Station

After ‘China Cat Sunflower’ bloomed, the band explored the segue to ‘Mountain Jam’. After a short exploration there, the band turned the jam into “I Know You Rider”. Landes was great on the piano here. Finally, they shut down the set with a great take on “Stella Blue.”

2 hours of Joni Bottari FTW!

[SPIRAL LIGHT 11.19.22: Eyes of the World, Like a Bird, My Brother Esau, Shakedown Street > Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Terrapin Station, China Cat Sunflower > Mountain Jam > I Know You Rider, Stella Blue]

You know you can use the Grateful Dead Night Out.

spiral light

01/28 Grateful Dead Night | Terra Fermata | Stuart Florida
02/24 Grateful Dead Night | Terra Fermata | Stuart Florida
02/25 Grateful Dead Night | Crazy Uncle Mike | Boca Raton, FL
03/25 Grateful Dead Night | Terra Fermata | Stuart Florida

spiral light

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