Southern Charm Bistro brings Black History, music and cuisine to Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, FL — Storytelling here at Fox 4 involves spotlighting people in our community who use their passions to make a difference locally. Who likes Lauren Daniels and her husband. The couple will open her Southern Charm her bistro in Fort Myers in 2022. The two have many passions, including family and business, and Lauren uses them all to bring people together.

Iconic music legends hang on the walls of the Southern Charm Bistro. “I put people on the wall where people ask questions so people can have a conversation,” says Daniels. This creates a place where people can come together to reminisce, learn, hang out, but most importantly… eat!

The Daniels family’s love of Southern cuisine has been passed down for generations. She would cook with her mother and grandmother while listening to her old artists. This is a tradition she has passed down to her own children. For 11 years she worked as a stay-at-home mom to her four children, she thought. [cook] professionally. ”

What started as a small takeout menu landed here in 2023, where black history and jazz meet Southern charm. Her bistro has become more than just a quick meal, with its food and setting. “People from the community come here, so they have a place to come and feel comfortable.” Comfortable in a space that celebrates the history of black music.

The type of cuisine that brings the power of community and people together under one roof… At Southern Charm Bistro, you’ll find this.

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