SoundOn Festival will bring ‘the newest of the new’ in chamber music to La Jolla

In ancient architecture, the term “spolia” (Latin for “spoil”) is the practice of using reclaimed stone for decorative carvings in new buildings and new monuments.

Bringing that concept into the realm of music, the artists participating in La Jolla’s forthcoming Sound on Chamber Music Festival will take snippets, moments, and moving notes from past compositions and bring them to life in new compositions. to the present day.

Organized by Athenaeum and San Diego New Music at the Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, the 15th SoundOn Festival features international voice actors Yu Kuwabara (Japan), Adrian Demoč (Slovakia), Alyssa Aska (Austria), D. Edward Davis (USA).

It also highlights Southern California and Arizona-based composers such as Christopher Adler, Katherine Balch, Adam Borecki, Franklin Cox, Adam Greene, Kay He, Texu Kim, and Philippe Manoury.

According to organizers, the festival was inspired by Balti’s ‘Musica Spolia’ and the theme flows through the participating artists.

For Adler, it means incorporating the influence of other artists. “In a way, it’s like being honest with the inspiration process,” he said. “We can be honest about using things from the past. Sometimes it’s an homage, sometimes it’s a critique. But it’s all about building.”

One of Adler’s works for the 2023 show is inspired by Japanese anime with elements of “groove and other kinds of music.”

Adler said the participating musicians took ideas and applied them to their respective styles. I was. “Although the theme is ‘new’, the style varies greatly from piece to piece. Some include improvisational elements and electronics, some include solos, some are groovy, some are complex. There are some that emphasize wood and soundscapes.”

Performers include Noise Ensemble members Adler (piano), Lisa Serra (flute), Cox (cello), Morris Palter (percussion) and Robert Zellickman (clarinet and conductor). Guest artists are Borecki (guitar and composer), Myra Hinrichs (violin), Eric Starr (trombone), Grace Talaski (clarinet) and Mark Menzies (violin via Remote Link).

The Noise Ensemble will perform a selection of “spolia” at SoundOn Festival next month.

(San Diego New Music)

In compiling the songs to be performed, “ask the composers what they are doing and who they draw inspiration from,” said Adler. “A lot of the show’s work is pieces of the past turned into new contexts.”

Many of the works are exhibited for the first time in the world. “The latest of the new,” says Adler. “We want to showcase young composers and composers who are just emerging on the national scene,” he said. “These are people you don’t see on the chamber music concert circuit.”

sound on festival

when: Thursday to Saturday, January 5-7, 7:30 p.m.

Where: Athenaeum Music & Arts Library, 1008 Wall St., La Jolla

price: General admission $30, Atheneum members $25, students $12

information: San Diego New

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