Slash – ‘Most of’ What GN’R Did Back in the Day ‘Would’ve Gotten Us Canceled’

Guns N’ Roses, individually and collectively, have been embroiled in many turbulent times, feuds and controversies over the past four decades or so. Perhaps guitarist Thrash’s some of their most outlandish transgressions from the last few decades are: [them] Canceled today.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment on Jan. 27, Slash talked about his new book. Collection: Slash – Not only did he grow up around London’s famous musicians. We talked. slash).

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As transcribed by Yahoo Entertainment, Slash responded:

I don’t really. . I thought in that context.I mean, I never really, honestly thought about all of that [scandalous stuff] That’s about it these days.But when you say it, almost all [Guns N’ Roses] It would have been canceled in this day and age. It certainly didn’t work out in this environment — I mean, on so many different levels. … It was good because there was no internet at the time. It would have been a completely different world. Anyway, I’m not going to dwell on all that. That’s exactly it.

He’s not wrong, and GN’R isn’t the only band to get into a lot of trouble these days.

Speaking of Guns N’ Roses, it seems that they will perform at the famous Glastonbury Festival in the UK this summer. Also scheduled for June 30th is a show at his BST Hyde Park in London. Upcoming tour dates can be found here, and tickets are available here.

Finally, you can watch Slash’s full interview with Yahoo Entertainment below.

Slash chat with Yahoo Entertainment about his new book GN’R Wicked Past and more

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