Sky Ferreira shares frustration with being unable to release new music

Sky Ferreira has expressed frustration at not releasing anything since last summer and has provided an update on his plans for new music. Posting on her Instagram story over the weekend, Ferreira said that unspecified people found it “difficult” to work with her, which has delayed the release of her next single. She added that the holdup was “not my fault, not a conspiracy.”

Additionally, Ferreira posted a clip of the song she said she recorded in 2019 and has been trying to release it officially ever since. I wrote down the video of the song. In Story, she added:

“I am not a hysterical, lying, lazy lunatic,” she wrote. This is a mess. I am so frustrated and more than that.

Being “hard” or “nervous” doesn’t give people the right to hurt or stall my career. I’m in a difficult situation and I have to be ‘difficult’ to get through it,” she continued. I am not allowed to say or do what I want/need unless it is overruled. .”

Ferreira’s last album was 2013’s night time, my timeThe follow-up’s working title, Masochism, has been teased for years, but has yet to be released.

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