Skrillex Announces New Album ‘Quest for Fire’

Skrillex’s new album is arriving in a few days.

quest for fire will drop at OWSLA/Atlantic Records this Friday, February 17th.

The DJ and producer first revealed the news to fans on Instagram on Saturday night (February 11th).

“My new album ‘QUEST FOR FIRE’ is out on February 17th. You can hear QFF tracks live on YouTube on my basement set,” he wrote.

In the caption of the YouTube video, he put together what appears to be a 13-song tracklist. Fred Again.. & Flowdan x Hamdi – Skanka, “Xena” feat. Nai Barghouti “Inhale Exhale feat. Aluna” A Street I Know feat. ’05’ feat. Pete Wentz ‘Good Space feat. Starla ‘Too Bizarre (juked) feat.・Pang, Dylan Brady “Leave Me Like This feat. Bobby Rapps x BABY AGAIN feat. Four Tet & Fred Again, “Butterfly” feat. And “Still Here (With the Ones That I Came With)” feat. Porter Robinson and Bibi Brellie.

Released the single “Rumble” in January.



Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

While he’s kept busy with singles and collaborations, the new full-length album comes nearly nine years after his last full-length album in 2014. dimplewhich reached number four on the Billboard 200.

Check out a preview of Skrillex’s new album tracks below. quest for fire You can save in advance here.

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