Sid Wilson Names His Favorite Slipknot Song

Many artists have most of their songs on their minds, but that doesn’t mean some of them don’t have favorites. It is not intended to

In an interview with Revolver, Wilson said that the Slipknot songs he loves most are the ones that aren’t played often, but especially one he dubbed Cream of the Crop.

“My favorite tracks are always the ones that haven’t been played live,” Wilson said. “‘Skin Ticket’ [is] one of my all time favorite songs. Listening to that song, I feel different after hearing those things. You didn’t even know that level of terror existed in the world until you heard something like that. “

“Skin Ticket” started in 2001 Iowa It is usually regarded as one of Slipknot’s heaviest albums of all time — if not generally one of the heaviest albums of all time. However, it has only been performed a few times (14 to be exact), the last time being at Knotfest Japan in November 2016. In fact, the last time he was played 13 times was in 2016, and the only time Slipknot had used him on set before that was in 2005.

Yes, yes, Wilson’s picks are rare and it would be great to hear them live again in the future.

“I don’t know why they’re my favorite,” DJ continued in the interview. I don’t know because [songs like ‘Skin Ticket’] make it real. Not fantasy. That shit exists. It exists all around us and you can understand it to some extent.

Slipknot – “Skin Ticket”

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