Shinedown Just Broke a Tie With FFDP + Foo Fighters for New Chart Record

Shinedown broke yet another billboard This time they defeated the trinity of Foo Fighters and Five Finger Death Punch.

Brent Smith and co. They currently hold the record for the most Top 10 hits on the Mainstream Rock Airplay charts, and the single that achieved it was “Dead Don’t Die.”This track is from Shinedown’s latest album Planet Zerowas released in July via Atlantic Records and entered the charts at number 30. Meanwhile, Foo Fighters and Five Finger Death Punch are tied for second with 29 each.

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Shinedown’s string of Top 10s began with their debut single, “Fly From the Inside,” released in 2003. billboard chart. The band scored her first No. 1 hit just a few years later in 2005 with “Save Me.” Dating back to 2023, the band currently has 18 No. 1 hits on the Mainstream Rock Airplay charts, marking another record.

Last year, Smith spoke about what the charts mean to him in an interview with Wes Styles on ROCK 96.7FM, Bloomington, IL station. “When I was a kid and grew up with music, I still look at charts and am fascinated by them. A man who reads all the lyrics,” he said.

If you want to see the record-breaking Shinedown in action, they’re gearing up to tour with Three Days Grace and From Ashes to New in April. Be sure to get your tickets here.

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