Sheriff’s Blotter Jan. 11: Nonstop Christmas music in January

Information for Sheriff’s Blotter is collected from shipping logs provided by Plumas County Sheriff’s Office. No individual names were reported. And those arrested should be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Below is a summary of activities on January 11th.

January 11th

right to refuse


2:10 am Quincy. A female subject in custody was sentenced to probation violation for refusing a drug test.

with procedure

11:42 am The caller reports that my ex-husband is harassing me on Facebook. The caller has asked her agent to stop the messages. Her agent gave her due process. A representative attempted to contact the subject, but she attempted to contact him again.

do you know this person?

12:03 pm Quincy. The caller has camera footage of someone driving through his car around 2am. Nothing is missing this time, but there have been several thefts in the area (reported earlier), including from his car. 12:37 pm Agent contacted caller, no crime at this time. Callers send video footage and want information on file.


12:30 p.m. Greenville. Callers report having problems with roommates who let sex offenders into their homes. The caller has young children. All participants are there except the caller who is in another location. 2:56 pm Attorney advised caller on civil proceedings offered.


baby back up story

1:08 pm Quincy. Call 911 has been abandoned. I called back and left a message. 1:11 p.m. The caller called back, confirmed it was her accidental 911 call, and said a 2-year-old was playing with the phone. No assistance required. I hear a baby’s voice behind me.

Please note

1:53 p.m. Beckworth. The caller reports that a train level crossing arm is out of order on county road A24. The operator could not hear the caller and the line was disconnected. This information was sent to Union Pacific Railroad Dispatch. UPRR is aware.


1:58 pm Quincy. Callers report that someone has been playing Christmas music since before Christmas and thinks it should stop now. Music plays all night long and she stays awake. The caller was unable to say the address. She comes from a strange house facing Berlane. The caller couldn’t say if the music was heard “outside” because she doesn’t go out in the rain. 15:20 A delegate left a message for the caller.


So what about inside the house?

4:33 p.m., Greenville. A caller reports that her grandson called her. He got into an argument with his father and the door was ripped off. Subject’s father’s phone was thrown at victim’s son’s head. His father left home with a gun. The father returned home, entered through the door, and left again. His son fears his father is trying to do something to him. My son is home alone. 6:56 p.m. Deputies recommended verbal discussion only, and the family agreed to keep peace.

Desire to change lawn decoration

17:09 Quincy. Male subject crashes into fence. It’s been sitting there for 11 days. The caller is concerned that something is wrong and wants a representative to call them back. 20:38 pm Adjutant advises that a woman is doing housekeeping. She advised her subject would return at a later date.


batting head

17:44 Clear Creek. Westwood CHP reports that Hamilton Branch and Clear Creek collided head-on with two of his cars.

Starting a future job, possibly night shift

9:20 pm Lake Almana. The caller reports that A13 needs to be plowed. Multiple trucks are stuck on the road. Some places have 6 to 7 inches of snow, with 12 inches or more near Clifford Drive. I was given a location on a county road and was advised that there would be no night shifts and that I would be available in the morning.

Possession is nine tenths of the law

9:52 pm Quincy. A male subject was convicted of probation violation and possession of a controlled substance.

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