‘She gives people goosebumps’: Mimi Webb wants to be like Adele

Brit Award hopeful Mimi Webb wants to give people “goosebumps” like Adele does with her music.

Aiming for Best New Artist at Saturday’s (11.02.23) Brit Awards, the 22-year-old singer was inspired by the hitmaker with “Easy on Me” and hopes her song will evoke a lot of repercussions. is. Among the people she can be her idol.

She told The Sun newspaper: My fans tell me how my songs have helped them, their experiences and some of their stories are really emotional.

“I always love getting goosebumps listening to singers like Adele and she really inspires me.

“I want to influence people in the same way. These songs are about my life and that means there are plenty of sad moments, not the best. Looking back, it feels like everything happened for a reason.”

The “Red Flags” singer has had a whirlwind 12 months and admitted that the BRITS nod was one of her biggest highlights.

“I toured in the US and Australia, but the album was completed in an instant.

“Performing at the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee was also a ‘pinch me moment’. After that, kickstarting the year with UK nominations is a huge highlight.”

But Mimi has also learned the importance of taking breaks after being overwhelmed last year.

she said: But now the main concern is me. I have grown as a person.

“At the end of last year, I had a bit of a situation where everything was on top of me.

“I had just finished a US tour and had been away from home for a long time, so I was really nervous. When I got back to London, I went right back to work, but I was too busy.

“So I started mindset coaching and learned how to have more control over my thoughts. It helps.”

She was also able to call on her friend Tom Grennan for help.

She said: “Tom is like a brother to me. He gave me great advice and he’s a great guy.”

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