Shakira Disses Ex Gerard Piqué in Bizarrap’s Music Sessions

Photo: Adria Puig/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Argentinian DJ Bizarrap is currently number one on the global charts, but that doesn’t seem to be the reason Shakira teamed up with him. (Although the hits help her pay those taxes.) No, the nearby Colombian pop star had to air some stuff.Bizarrap’s first single of the year, “BZRP Music Session # 53, Shakira brought in ex-husband Gerard Piqué to mend their split last year after he allegedly had an affair. “I’m sorry baby, I should have kicked you out a while ago/Wolves like me ain’t for rookies,” she sings in Spanish. billboard, to see the names of her hit songs. She went on to tell football star Piqué, “Don’t cry for me, don’t ask me,” and of his new girlfriend of 22, Claracia, her Marti, “You’re a Rolex Casio.” exchanged with,” he said. She even claims that Pique left her “her mother-in-law as her neighbor,” which could be even worse than her divorce. If you start hearing this song everywhere, like Shakira herself sings, good luck to Pique. “Women don’t cry anymore, they make money”.

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