Seventeen’s Vernon Releases Debut Solo Mixtape ‘Black Eye’ – Rolling Stone

Vernon becomes the third solo member of the 13-piece group, previously teaming with Charli XCX and Omega Sapien.

pop punk color Black Eye is Vernon’s debut solo mixtape, one-thirteenth of K-pop supergroup Seventeen. Adventuring solo after Hoshi and Woozi, his third hip-hop unit member has previously appeared in a series of features, with Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama on the remix of “Beg For You” and Omega on “Wrecker.” Appeared alongside Sapien. ”

Vernon chose Chaos from the project’s initial announcement, sharing a teaser trailer previewing the guitar-heavy title track with lyrics. Spit in your mouth. ”

The fiery concept photography that accompanied the release of “Black Eye” laid the groundwork for adopting the rugged aesthetic of pop punk. It’s a cathartic emotional release, riding on the heights of broken destruction.

Vernon has been committed to embracing the genre’s sound since first proposing a Seventeen toy in the style of Avril Lavigne on the 2021 bonus track “2 Minus 1,” he and his bandmates say. said Joshua of forbes At the time.


“I’ve been into the genre lately, and when our label offered me and Joshua the chance to work on an all-English track, I thought, ‘Why not a pop-punk track? said Vernon.

Fans pressed him for his influence from there, realizing that he was as much a student of Green Day as Lavigne, and that Black Eye was a sleuth of artists like Youngblood and Machine Gun Kelly. rock sound with a sharp pop edge.

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