Scotty McCreery Announces 2023 Tour With Country Music Hall of Famers

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american idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery has announced that he will be touring with Country Music Hall of Fame inductees Brooks & Dunn in 2023. McCreery is collaborating with his country duo recently shortly after starting his own Damn Strait Tour.

Scotty McCreery joins tour with Brooks & Dunn

of reboot The tour by country music duo Brooks & Dunn will feature a very special guest playing with them on the first leg of the tour. McCreery expressed his excitement for his upcoming tour by announcing in a post on her Instagram that he will be joining the tour.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of their music, so touring with Kix and Ronnie was a dream come true for me,” said McCreery. “I can’t wait for this tour to start!”

McCreery has previously performed with Brooks & Dunn on their 2022 headlining tour, but only on certain dates. The show they did together was ‘Bucket List’ and it was McCreery’s show of his lifelong admiration for these two.

“They were the coolest guys, put on a great show and still sound great,” McCreary said. “Hit, hit, hit, hit.

of american idol The winner also revealed that Brooks & Dunn were the inspiration for his song “It Matters To Her.” Tickets for the reboot tour will go on sale on his January 27th and can be purchased on his official website.

McCreery reveals he’s writing a song about his son Avery

The 29-year-old country music performer claims plans for a new album are already in the works. Additionally, he intends to include some recent elements of his personal life in the new project.

Becoming a father for the first time and witnessing his wife Gabi McCreery take on the duties of motherhood are some of the inspirations he uses. The couple’s son Avery, whom the couple welcomed on October 24, 2022, is another main focus of the upcoming song.

McCreery is famous for using his songs to tell his own personal story. He has previously created songs about his life, including “This Is It” from his critically acclaimed fourth studio album. change of seasonHis proposal to Gabi is then described in a love song. The lyrics were written by american idol alum just two weeks before the pair got engaged.

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