Sally Field Made the Hot 100 With This Song in 1967

Sally Field didn’t have a long career as a Billboard Hot 100 chart hitmaker, but she did. Her 1967 single “Felicidad” spent her four weeks on the charts and in December 1967 she reached number 94.

Impossibly perky and energetic ‘Felicidad’ makes ‘Doremi’ music sound It sounds like “In-a-Godda-Da-Vida.” The song charted less than two weeks after Field turned 21, and hit the charts two months after his sitcom debut on ABC. flying nun(That flyweight series lasted three years and is a testament to Field’s charm and liking.) “Felicidad” appears on Field’s album, flying nunpeaked at number 172 on the Billboard 200 for four weeks.

Field, of course, has had a much more enduring career as a film and television actress. Her career is being honored on Sunday (Feb. 26) as she received her Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild. Actor Andrew Garfield will present her award.

“Felicidad” entered the Hot 100 at number 100 in the week ending November 18, 1967. Other new entries that week included The Monkees’ “Daydream Believer” (which topped the charts for four weeks), Gary Puckett & Union Gap’s breakthrough hit “Woman Woman” (which peaked at 4 ) and Johnny Rivers’ “Summer Rain” (with a memorable nod from the Beatles) Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band).

“Felicidad” entered the charts a week after the arrival of Stone Poneys’ “Different Drum,” which was Linda Ronstadt’s first Hot 100 hit. Field and Ronstadt took vastly different routes to reach the top, but both got there. They were in the same class of Kennedy Center winners in December 2019.

Dominic Frontiere and Diane Hilderbrand co-wrote “Felicidad”. Jack Keller produced the Field recording. Keller composed the charming theme song “(Wait Till You See My) Gidget” (performed by Johnny Tillotson) for Field’s first television his series. Gidget (1965). Keller co-wrote a number of Hot 100 hits, including 1960’s Connie His Francis number one hits, “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” and “My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own.”

Field has won three Primetime Emmy Awards ( Sybil and Brothers & Sisters and guest appearance teeth) and two Oscars (starring in Norma Ray and place of heart).She was also nominated for a Tony Award glass zoo (Best Actress in a Play, 2017).

Field best describes her career in 1985 when she won her second Oscar. This will forever be remembered as “You like me!” you really like me “However, Field never uttered that exact line of hers.

“This means a lot more to me this time. I want to say, I didn’t have an orthodox career, so I wanted your respect more than anything, I didn’t feel it at first, but I did this time, and that you like me You can’t deny the fact, now you like me!

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