‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’: Every Lip Sync Ranked From Season 15’s ‘Lalaparuza’

the cornerstone RuPaul’s Drag Race Built is always a lip sync for your life. Fans can’t wait to see the Queen battle it out to the very end in almost every episode.

So nothing could be more fun than seeing 8 of these lip syncs in one episode.

in Friday’s episode drag racing (aired February 17), the remaining 10 queens took part in the proverbial Thunderdome of “Lala Parza”, the third of the series.

in the meantime all stars 4 Lalaparza offered a chance to return to the eliminated queen, and season 14 gave the girls a chance to redeem one of the worst snatch games in the show’s history. The aim was to see if they could take a song and make it perfectly…themselves.

Of course not drag racing Unless there are some twists and turns. From giving one queen the power to choose an opponent and he giving one queen the power to choose a song, to finally deciding who the two of them are. The Funniest (and Most Suspicious) Confessions Over the course of the season, Lalaparza was able to both entertain and shock viewers. Especially after proving that Lip Sync superstar Jax is back home.

But of the eight lip syncs fans were treated to on Friday night, which stood out as the best? billboard A critical look at all eight performances from season 15 episodes 8 of RuPaul’s Drag Raceranking from worst to best.

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