Ross Robinson Picks Two Slipknot Deep Cuts as His Favorite Songs by Band

Now that Slipknot have released seven studio albums, it’s interesting to hear which songs members of their camp like the most.Sid Wilson’s Favorite Iowa And now producer Ross Robinson has also named his top picks – and they’re both deep cuts.

Robinson has been nicknamed “the godfather of nu metal” throughout his career, thanks to his work with many artists, including Slipknot, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Sepultura, and Soulfree. He produced the masked Iowa band’s first two albums. slipknot (1999) and Iowa (2001) so he was with them from the beginning.

While chatting with Revolver, Robinson picked two of his favorite Slipknot songs, both from the group’s first album, unsurprisingly.

“Probably either ‘Aires’ or ‘Scissors’. [because of their] The uniqueness and what we captured was just the best,” said the producer.

“I remember handing [Korn’s] Mankeying the CD, he continued, “Hey, be careful when you press play. This is ruthless. Don’t be scared.” “But in that moment, especially with these two songs by him, I was like, ‘Wow, this is great,’ because [Korn] was already riding Got the Life, and they were the biggest band in the world at the time, making a lot of great songs, hits, and more. But it wasn’t ruthless. ”

part of the reason slipknot The reason is so ‘ruthless’ is because of how intense the recording process was. Corey Taylor, in particular, recorded vocals from a booth covered in vomit and other excrement.

“It was awful and downright dangerous. Ross pushed me harder than anyone in my life. He taught me to follow my instincts, to push myself until I understood, and to bleed for it, that’s what makes it real. ‘, the singer told Kerrang!.

“Eyeless” is the more popular track in Slipknot’s live set, while “Scissors” has been performed live by the band less than 100 times, most recently in 2000. [via]Listen to both tracks below.

Slipknot “Aires”

Slipknot – “Scissors”

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