Rosé’s Stephen Sanchez Cover Rules Hot Trending Songs Chart

Rosé’s cover of The Crown of “Until I Found You” by Stephen Sanchez billboard‘s Hot Trending Songs Chart as of February 25th.

billboardThe Hot Trends Chart is powered by Twitter and tracks global music-related trends and conversations across Twitter in real time for the past 24 hours or 7 days. A weekly #20 version of the chart covering activity every Friday through Thursday is posted alongside. billboardYou’ll see another weekly chart on every Tuesday, with the latest tracking period from February 10-16.

Sanchez’s original cover of the BLACKPINK members was released on YouTube on February 10, coinciding with Rosé’s 26th birthday, the following day, February 11.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Although it is Rosé’s first solo chart No. 1 that started in 2021, she boasts two leaders through BLACKPINK in 2022, “Pink Venom” and “Shutdown”.

According to Luminate, Sanchez’s breakthrough hit “You” simultaneously climbed 8% on official U.S. streams during the February 10-16 tracking week, garnering a total of 9.4 million streams, according to Luminate.

Rosé hit number two on the latest Hot Trending Songs chart, following $uicideboy$ and Shakewell’s new collaboration, “Big Shot Cream Soda.” The song premiered on her February 15th.

Skrillex’s ‘Ratata’, featuring Missy Elliott and Mr. Oizo, comes in third. It was released on February 15 as the final taste of the producer’s new album. quest for firewas released on February 17. quest and immediate successor, don’t get too closeFebruary 18)

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