Ronnie Radke Starts Twitter War With Anthony Fantano After Negative Falling in Reverse Review

On Twitter this week, infamous Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke got into a verbal war with infamous music reviewer Anthony Fantano, “the internet’s busiest music geek” on YouTube channel The Needle Drop. rice field.

It happened after Fantano gave negative reviews to Falling in Reverse’s new song “Watch the World Burn,” which came out as a single late last month. As before, Radke was not very sympathetic to Fantano’s criticism. Keep reading to see what happened.

In a wrap-up video for various new singles on Monday (February 6th), Fantant called the Falling in Reverse track “a really bad rap metal song that sounds like rap metal.” [the rapper] Tom McDonald is racist and Eminem is not talented. ”

The critic added: And the metal transition that comes in towards the end of the track is gross and sticky like fuck. Yeah, I don’t think you have to listen to this song over and over again before going to the graveyard. ”

See Fantano’s review at 6:19 in the clip below.

Anthony Fantano Reviews “Watch the World Burn” from Falling in Reverse – Feb 6, 2023

On Thursday (Feb. 10), Radke tweeted that Needle Drop “looks like music critic Perez Hilton, looks 25 years older than him, and in 3 years nobody cares about him.” Let’s go,” he replied.

Less than an hour later, Fantano tweeted, sharing two sets of comparison photos of him and Radke. It also reduced the number of times it went through the legal system. I think we are winning. ”

Radke said, “What’s funny about the photo on the right, as opposed to the photo with the blonde, is that the photo with the blonde is five years older than the one on the right of mine. Hahahahahahaha [WERE] Born to look old.

Fantano said, “Five years on and you still look like that??? What’s your secret? Cocaine?”

Radke said, “Honestly, the photo on the right was taken in 108 degree weather in an Arizona parking lot onstage. The other was taken five years later in a room literally three years younger than me.” is.”

Fantano later said, “He admitted that the photo interval was five years.”

Continuing the exchange, Radke claimed that The Needle Drop’s online followers were “paid bots from India.. at least they better hahahahahaha.” The musician added, “We all know what happens to YouTubers who are mostly negative critics. Another said that in two years he’d be like, ‘Anthony what happened to Fantano.’ I’ll be making a video called ‘What?’,” he added.

The reviewer then tweeted, referencing an online dust-up that occurred earlier this year between Fantano and rapper Drake. I’ll admit it… I’ll do better next time.

See the tweet below. Check out the music video below. Last month, Radke rekindled his feud with Attila vocalist Chris “Fronz” Fronzak.

Falling in Reverse Ronnie Radke + Anthony Fantano Argue on Twitter – Feb 9, 2023

Falling backwards “Watch the World Burn” (music video)

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