Ronnie Radke – All Iconic Musicians Have Been Polarizing During Their Careers

Falling in Reverse’s latest single, “Watch the World Burn,” has cracked several charts since its release a few weeks ago, and it seems like most people either love it or hate it. However, frontman Ronnie Radke pointed out that all music icons become polarizing at some point in their careers.

Speaking to KBear 101’s Viktor Wilt, the vocalist expressed appreciation for how much attention the song has received despite having a rap and no chorus. He admitted that he may not like listening to rap, but added that he likes there to be a division among listeners.

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“My fan base is mostly rock and metal, and all of a sudden I started rapping, so of course people wouldn’t like the song? They probably wouldn’t like rap to begin with,” Radke said. , noted that the successful rapper complimented the song and his rapping skills.

“I like that there are two sides to it. If everyone liked it, it would feel like it wasn’t raw. It didn’t feel authentic. When everyone loved it, there was something wrong about it.” He continued. , somehow polarized.

If you follow Radke on Twitter, you know that outspoken rockers never set out to be universally loved. He frequently interacts with both fans and critics on the platform, most recently escalating into his Twitter war with his YouTuber Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop. The singer is not interested in impressing people for his career.

“It’s nice when people take things seriously and play it purely because they like it, not because they want to hear it,” he elaborated. “It feels like the format is changing and people are finally starting to realize they can’t play the same old rock ‘n’ roll all day. People want to hear new stuff. Yeah, they want to hear Metallica.” Yes, I love Metallica, but play Electric Callboy!”

Watch the full interview below.

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Ronnie Radke – Every Icon Has Been Polarized In Their Careers

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