Roger Waters Re-Recorded Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ – ‘I Wrote It, So… Blah!’

Roger Waters reveals re-recording of Pink Floyd classic of dark side of the moon Albumin will celebrate its 50th anniversary in March this year. And he did it without involving any of the active members of Pink Floyd.

The 79-year-old musician revealed the news in an interview daily telegraphin which he exclaims: The Dark Side of the MoonLet’s get rid of all this “our” crap! Of course we were a band, we were 4 people, all contributed, but this is my project and I wrote it. So… somehow!

As Waters admitted, he is not the sole author of the entire record. He has exclusive lyric credits on three of his ten songs on the record, two of which he co-wrote, and all of the lyrics are also written by him.

So what’s different about the re-recorded version of this legendary album?

daily telegraph‘s Tristram Fane Saunders was performed in a rendition by Waters. The Dark Side of the Moon Note any deviations from the songs fans are accustomed to.

“‘Time’, lamenting the death of the young, sounds wonderful with the tone of the old man. ‘Breathe’ is beautifully recreated as a slow acoustic groove. The country-tinged “Money” is a late cut for Johnny Cash, and Waters could be charismatically roaring at the bottom of the record,” explains Saunders ( program). “But surprisingly, Waters seems to have decided that the problem with his track, the beautiful instrumental on his original album, is that Waters doesn’t speak. Now they do.”

Waters also blamed his former bandmates and their lack of creativity, stating: They are not artists! they have no ideas. They have never experienced it and it drives them crazy. ”

Just a few weeks ago, Pink Floyd released a commemorative album. of dark side of the moon With the exception of the 2005 reunion concert, fans seem to have the option of hearing an alternate version of the record led by Waters, who has not been with the band since 1985.

The two sides are at odds, with tensions escalating recently with a tweet by David Gilmour’s wife Patti Samson accusing Waters of being an “anti-Semite to your rotten core” and a “pro-Putin advocate.” increased. Such as misogyny, which Gilmore called “clearly true.”

Rogers, meanwhile, tweeted that he was aware of the charges placed against him and was “currently being advised of his position.”

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