Robert Trujllo Reflects on Promise Made to Cliff Burton Upon Taking Metallica Job

Today (February 10th) is Cliff Burton’s 61st birthday, and on these occasions it’s good to think about the legacy of Metallica’s legend. Current bassist Robert Trujillo, who now holds Burton’s temporary position in the band, shared a few kind words about Burton during the bass player feature (Guitar World as you shared). Spot on Metallica.

Trujillo says: It was there that Trujillo tried to connect with the deceased musician. And then, at a random moment at 2am, I looked up and saw the picture. I actually spoke to the pictures. I said, ‘Cliff, I won’t let you down, I promise. I feel like.”

Trujillo was a respected bass player with a rather illustrious history before joining Metallica, but the respect and humility that Cliff Burton has done with Metallica is certainly there. “Cliff was really great for Metallica,” said the bassist. “His ideas, his presence and the way he embraced bass and metal was something very special. And his stage presence – he was a very physical player. I played what I felt, and that was the conclusion.His approach was, “I’m going to play what I feel. If you don’t like it, screw you!” ”

Trujillo went on to invoke Burton’s musicianship, revealing that he was the most accomplished member of Metallica’s breakout era at the time. was older than the rest and was in many ways a better musician, ”says Trujillo. “He had a very broad creative skill set. In many ways, he’s a musician’s musician.”

“He could play the piano, knew classical music, and was also a fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd.” [Hammett] I showed him a Lynyrd Skynyrd guitar solo so he could play it on the bass. I thought it was so cool. Cliff has demonstrated power on many levels. ”

Burton appeared on Metallica’s first three albums, kill them all, ride the thunder and Master of PuppetBefore he died in a bus accident in Sweden in September 1986. Jason Newsted joined to fill a void between 1986 and 2001, and Trujillo officially joined the band in 2003.

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