Robert Schneider’s Songs for Other Worlds, And More Music News and Gossip

year-end reply: has two new releases from . Derek Almstead (Faster Circuits, Olivia Tremor Control) released his solo debut EP, box, March. These new songs were a departure from his EP’s sound, and were largely dominated by a comfortable blend of psych and indie pop, akin to mixing Belle & Sebastian with The Free Design, for example. Instead, Almstead leans toward heavier synth sounds on “Suspended Animation” and soulful new wave on “All This Time I Played The Beast.” Me in “Driver’s Seat” from Sniff ‘n’ the Tears. Each song has Emily Groden (Faster Circuits) are leading the way, which is a very nice addition. Find it at

everything that happens happens today: Robert Schneider (Apples In Stereo, Obligatory Refractions) is the most enthusiastically kind human being I have ever met. Thus, his New Album liner Discusses some rather complex mathematics while describing his journey to create his notes, which he describes as “mathematically defined ‘non-Pythagorean’ scales.” That makes perfect sense. as possible. album, song of another world, is a 14-track record, and each song sounds exactly like that. Or rather, the sound I imagine. Functionally (that is, as a listening experience), this varies from pleasing (“Blue Sky Space Song”) to decidedly not (“Interrupted Animation”). Schneider deals with all instruments, and in fact the album His Notes credits him with “sine waves, synthesizers and kalimbas retuned while standing on the sea at night”. Keep in mind that this is clearly not easy listening. But it’s not positively offensive either. Honestly, it’s there for you to experience, and what you get out of it can be different, even within the same listening session. You can find it at

people take pictures of each other: Almost immediately after the album release Somewhere on the same side as you Drew Beskin & The Sunshine Upped its own ante. On December 16th, the group will release her one-off single covering The Kinks’ Beautiful Her 1967 song “Waterloo Her Sunset”. The performance is a jump over the original, and the guitars are more prominent, but it’s clear that the song deserves an effort. That said, from a cultural standpoint, if not a musical standpoint, it’s a huge challenge to tackle something like this. Not only is he one of composer Ray Davies’ most revered signature songs (imagine someone confidently trying to cover something like “Stairway To Heaven”), but it’s also geographically and It is also empirically specific. Find this one and give it a spin at

gather together: The Project Safe Holiday Benefit Show will be held on Wednesday, December 21st at 7pm at VFW (835 Sunset Dr.). Admission is $10.aptly titled event Project Safe Christmas It will feature vocal performances from Priesty Boys, Reginald Willis When Eric Johnson (both The Athens Voices of Truth), Claire Campbell (Hope for the Golden Summer), Andreana Williams, Todd Burton When Tommy JordanLive music accompaniment is courtesy of Micah Lewis, Mindy Toe, Sally Cornen When Dick DanielsAttendees should expect “a lively show of classical, choral music, and some singalongs.” Moderator is Arzena Johnson When Shawanda JohnsonDinner and dessert are sold courtesy of Tricia’s office. For more information, visit

caught in a storm: finally, monsoonThe latest album of ghost party Available. However, since it is limited to 300 pieces and has been on sale for about a week, there is a high possibility that it will be sold out soon. If you’re interested, head over to and hop on your stubby pinkie directly.

stam hub: Tickets on sale 2023 HeAthens Homecoming from Drive-By TrackersThe annual multi-night stand at this 40-watt club is basically Ground Zero for the most die-hard Truckers fans, and a regular pilgrimage for many. The 2023 performance will run a bit later this time, from Wednesday March 29th through his Saturday April 1st. ,cowboy. Visit

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