Robert Plant and Alison Krauss Talk New Album, Country Music

In a new interview, Robert Plant and Alison Krauss have opened up about the possibility of making a third album. The first of the famous duo, raging sand, appeared in 2007 and won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year.Then waited about 14 years for release raise the roof In 2021, it has been nominated for three more Grammy Awards at the following award shows.

But now they seem to know that time is of the essence, and Plant says they’d better get to the new job while they can.

talk billboardfamous Led Zeppelin frontman turned country duet partner Plant and bona fide country star Klaus spoke on a wide range of topics.

“I see no reason not to,” Plant said of the prospect of a new record, adding: You might find it a little hard to get the highest C, but I can say it works really well and we enjoy each other. Sounds like a great idea, because it’s great. ”

The 74-year-old Grammy-nominated Plant said he was happy to be nominated, even though it was funny for him to be nominated in the country category. To date, he has earned his eight wins and his eighteen nominations.

“The idea of ​​us being considered a country duet is fascinating,” said Plant. “The problem is, nominations are nominations, and the very fact that we were recognized for having a good time is more than I could ever imagine. Being nominated isn’t on my normal radar. It’s great.”

Krauss, 51, says he likes the challenge their partnership offers.

“He always changes songs every night, so I’m always nervous,” she said. I was hearing the changes, that show is so good, Robert, they’re really evolving, so it’s just fun, it’s a very different environment than I grew up in, and the whole gig made that It’s a very controlled harmony song that we’re perfecting.Like you don’t go to prom because you’re working on the harmonies.It’s a whole different animal and even through last summer there was a change in the song. I love it.”

Plant says it took a long time to get back together with Klaus after Klaus put out his first album, as other projects and lives got in the way.

“So when we left raise sand We tearfully said goodbye and continued with other projects. And if I was really looking forward to finishing something and doing something fresh, maybe Alison was in the middle of one of her projects and that was it,” Plant revealed. “There were no negotiations other than calendars and times. I also traveled a lot with my friends, the Sensational Spaceshifters. [project with Alison] It just promised to be a completely different experience, or a different feeling. I really wanted to bring it back. I love it. “

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