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that music Robert Palmer It left us reverberating loudly to this day. To emphasize our respect for the legacy of the man born January 19, 1949, this is a history with a difference, as Palmer himself recounted in his 20 quotes. They are presented non-chronologically in numerous interviews with the music press over nearly two decades.

Comments include Robert’s commitment to specific albums and tracks, memories of his first love record, memories of his early days in music, collaborations with the likes of Gary Numan and Meters, and great and missed songs. It covers observations about the artist’s life and style. artist.

“Respect” Otis Redding With the first music that completely engulfed my attention, I started collecting records. He wrote to Stax, Atlantic, Motown, and Sun Records, and discovered Sue, the British label that released his ska singles. It was more than a little obsession! I began to pursue a musical atmosphere that was completely different from the music of the time. Everyone else was playing the Yardbirds, Chuck Berry I was playing “Harlem Shuffle”” (play girl1977)

“I hated it when I was in the first group in Yorkshire, but opening for The Move, jimmy hendrix And I was like, ‘Why are these people action How? What gives them the right to be like that? And I still don’t understand “(NME1980)

“I waste less words now and people understand me faster. hit faster. The enthusiasm I get matches my enthusiasm for the project. Instead of creating circumstances to get what I want, it’s coming at me…”(sound1976)

“I’ve been playing music for 12 years and now I’m making my own shots and I don’t want to make mistakes. But I have a lot of easy routes that look very dangerous and I’m ready to take them. I love to sing, it’s the only thing that gives me complete satisfaction and I don’t want to risk it.” (NME1976)

“Allen Toussaint was hanging around the studio when we were making Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley, But Steve Smith was the producer. The Meters are a band on fire, rocking like a musical puzzle. Listening to the individual parts, it seems very simple. It’s African and it’s all about syncopation.”Mojo1994)

“I bought a house in Nassau. There was nowhere to hang my toothbrush, and I started to worry about it. It’s right next to the ocean, and I can go see tropical fish.”sound1976)

“I can buy a house in Nassau, I can afford to fly back and forth, take my wife back and forth, visit my parents, fly out for Christmas and all that. are things I really want to do and I love to sing so I can do them.NME1976)

“[Home in Nassau] It’s very quiet and neutral. A place with no competition and no structure. It takes away a lot of the fake class crap you see here where people slot you in by looking at your shoes or hearing your accent.”smash hit1981)

“This new album [Some People Can Do What They Like] am killer, it really is. It’s great because I don’t have to feel awkward when people come up to me and say they really like my stuff. are being maximized. I also like it. ” (sound1976)

“The radio hit in America. I like to go to places where they ask, “Did you pass the audition?” For the group I was in in England, that was enough.”NME1980)

“I pursue music as I engage with women. First I feel the rhythm, then the melody, and finally the lyrics. I want to be a dolphin next. They are the hippest creatures on the planet.” They appear to be more intelligent and more likely to be sentient than humans, but they spend their time playing.”play girl1977)

“Personally, I’ve always thought that making hits was a waste of money. I’d rather grow my audience and generate demand myself rather than use the machinery of the music industry to generate demand.” ”(circus1978)

“James Jamerson, what a great guy. He’s 5’3 and never changed strings. And when I found a line, his line was like the song itself, so I stopped the take.” He got so high on himself, “Listen, listen! I found it!”Mojo1994)

“I’d rather go to a place and play on demand.” I It’s already made, so it’s realistic and you can understand how your audience will react. So there are places where he plays three nights in a 200-seat club, and two shows in one night. Go to another place, to 3,000 people he does one show and leaves the place. It depends on what’s going on in each place.”(NME1976)

“I was doing three things [Gary Numan’s] We played the song at my live show about 18 months ago and he came to see the show with his dad.We got along so well that I suggested it… well, actually he offer to work together so we did”(NME1980)

“People either love or hate what I do. So I just do it, and what I put on the record is determined by what I learned from the audience. from what you always want to hear Me What do you like to do when you go to a club or go home? I’m just trying to include all those different things and mix it up.’Otherwise, whatever they call it, it ends up being a ‘concept’ album or something. ..”(NME1980)

“Lowell George was very bright, had a surreal wit, and was basically a workaholic. Day and night, all he was doing was making music. Until we met in New Orleans.” I never met him, but it was a split second, and after the first few songs, he said, “I have this group, would you like to sing with my band?” Told. So I joined Little Feat and traveled with them for 6 months.”(Mojo1994)

“When I read about myself in the newspapers, I was fascinated. I don’t know what they were talking about…just journalists and record companies trying to create an image of me. , I like food, clothes, and the company of women… but are you a sophisticated womanizer?face1983)

“I always find it very difficult to identify a specific person. Marvin Gaye A song…that’s the mood he creates when he gets into it. Like that “I Want You” record, it’s just gas. But I never went to see Marvin Gaye sing live. I didn’t want to see him take off his shirt or anything like that.”Q.1986)

“My manager always accuses me of being a cruiser. He says I cruise things, but he believes in going at them with your fists. I don’t have that kind of pride. All I believe in is life and death, and in the meantime you keep going.”smash hit1981)

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