Rick Rubin says the mainstream music industry considered hip-hop “evil” and didn’t want it to exist

Rick Rubin said that in the 1980s the mainstream music industry considered hip-hop “evil” and sought to censor the genre, believing it to be “non-musical”.

Producer and music mogul Rubin, who co-founded Def Jam and has worked with Slayer, Public Enemy, AC/DC, Johnny Cash, Beastie Boys, and more, spoke with comedian/actor Russell Brand at Brand’s. was free stay Bland brought up the subject when he asked him about his own experiences with censorship and the “culture wars.”

Rubin replies:That it didn’t exist, they didn’t understand what it was, and that was hip-hop. Ban, it was not played on any radio station, and the people who did it were ‘inhumane’ and it was ‘unmusical’…it was evil and evil…and now it is It is the most popular music format in the world.World. “

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