Refree: El Espacio Entre review – Barcelona producer’s haunting minimalism | Experimental music

C.omitted to write the soundtrack for the reprint of cursed villagea Spanish silent film classic, Barcelona’s Raul Referee decided to expand on the film’s bleak atmosphere and themes of displacement with this concept album. space betweenBeginning in the 1990s with a hardcore band (Barcelona Corn Flakes), Refree became a prolific producer and composer. Here he incorporates part of another soundtrack. one year, one night (2022), a film about a traumatized couple who survived the terrorist attack on the Bataclan theater in Paris.

Brightness and joy are clearly not the moods being explored, but the combination of minimalist piano pieces such as Las Migraciones Nocturnas and more experimental excursions proves powerful. What stands out is his Refree treatment of the classic madrigal. Monteverdi’s Lamento della ninfa is reworked, with a female soprano voice shimmering like a ghost in the strings. There are reflective Hispanic guitar pieces such as Lo que esconden, Lamentos de un día cualquiera’s lamentable choir, and La radio en la cocina, a spar between acoustic guitar and radio silence. With a plethora of styles and songs ranging from his 30 seconds to his 5 minute length, the album’s versatility is due to its charming creator, but it’s also a downside.

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