‘Red Jumpsuit’ Just Saw a 520 Percent Increase in Google Searches

When metalheads hear the phrase “red jumpsuit,” Slipknot is probably the first thing that comes to mind (sorry, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus). The phrase seems to mean something to more people, with his only 520% ​​increase in Google searches.

However, Slipknot isn’t the only reason people are looking for red jumpsuits. Singer Rihanna wore a red jumpsuit at her halftime show at Super Her Bowl on Sunday night (February 12), complete with a red long coat and red sneakers. rice field.

See an image of her costume during the performance below.

A Boohoo study found that “red jumpsuit” saw a 520% ​​increase in searches on Google after the performance, while searches for “red coat,” “red puffer jacket,” and “red sneakers” also increased significantly.

Of course, Slipknot have worn red jumpsuits since the beginning of their career. The masked musician appeared on the cover of his 1999 self-titled debut, Iowa and all hope is gone Tours.

“Everybody was so shiny and pretty in those days, and they all wore their own fashion. There were nine dicks from Iowa and they said, ‘You know? You understand our cheekbones and our hair.’ No! These are our masks You don’t understand our fashion! Here are our coveralls You don’t get our name! This is our name — our A number, a barcode. Steve Oh’s Wild Ride! podcast.

So if you’re thinking about dressing up as a member of Slipknot for Halloween later this year, you might want to wait until the “red jumpsuit” hype wears off before investing in a costume. , thanks to Rihanna, more brands may start creating them.

Apple Music Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

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