Recipe for taking the music to sea

Things are starting to cool for Able Seaman Utibe (Daniel) Ekpe, who has been a Navy chef since 2019 before becoming an avid musical participant in this year’s ADF Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork and Skills (ARRTS) program. I was there.

Originally from Nigeria, Able Seaman Ekpe joined the Navy as a chef on the advice of his Australian parents, based on his previous service experience.

“All my work was in food service, working as a butcher, fruit market and kitchen hand,” said Able Seaman Ekpe.

Overall, he enjoyed the role, especially when he went to sea, but has been on land ever since his medical downgrade. became.

“She knew I was into music, especially electronic rhythm and rap creation, and thought this might help. But I was accepted into the November session,” he said.

Joining the program was an adjustment for Able Seaman Ekpe.

“In the first few days I was thinking, ‘Canberra is a little bit colder than Sydney, so there’s a lot more we can do now’. But then everything changed,” he said. .

A change was a musical mentor encouraging Able Seaman Ekpe to sing melodically in front of the group instead of just rapping.

“I hadn’t done it much before, so I tried it a few times, but it always sounded clumsy. Thanks to the support I received, I was able to stay in tune and sing, and Ben E. We even got to play King songs. assist me Full house at the last showcase concert.

Able Seaman Ekpe started by learning basic keyboard techniques and reading sheet music, apart from learning how to sing more effectively.

“When I get home, I plan to buy an electric piano that I can plug into my computer and create rhythms for music,” says Able Seaman Ekpe.

“The ARRTS program has been amazing. I met amazing people and learned new things every day.

“I really miss you guys and I’m excited to move on, leave my depression behind, move on to a different career stream, perhaps in the Navy, and hit the ocean again with my music.”

For more information on the ADF ARRTS program, visit ADF Arts for Recovery, Resilience, Teamwork and Skills.

Applications for the 2023 program will open in March.

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