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Are you ready to meet your new favorite indie rock band? Rebel Kicks, a New York-based duo made up of brothers Anthony and Steven Babino, delivers refreshing social commentary and powerful personal revelations. Producing infused anthemic alternative pop. The band’s explosive new single, the arena-ready anthem ‘Silhouette’, is bursting with pop-rock hooks, atmospheric ambiences and haunting guitar riffs. This is the first in a series of releases that the brother will release in his 2023. Stay tuned for continued updates.

“‘Silhouette’ is a fun, light-hearted song about how you’ve built an unrealistic, idealized version of someone in your head, but when you get to know that person, you want to go back before you met them.” I am commenting. Guitarist/vocalist Anthony Babino.

We spoke with the band about their latest single, influences, how the pandemic has affected them, and more. Read below to keep an eye on these guys in 2023.

Congratulations on your new release! Please tell us about “Silhouette”. What does this song mean to you?
thank you very much! “Silhouette” finds herself constructing an unrealistic, idealized version of someone in her mind, and when she truly gets to know that person, that illusion is shattered and she wishes to return to blissful ignorance. It’s a moment. .

Tell us about the songwriting and recording process.
“Silhouette” was co-written and composed with Jackson Hoffman and Ryder Stuart, who also collaborated on our song “We Should Go Missing.” We started recording while we were writing the song, so there’s a real sense of immediacy and energy. Musically, it’s joyful and upbeat, but the lyrics are playfully dark, so there’s an interesting dichotomy.

The new single shows a wide range of influences. Who has inspired you the most creatively?
We have always listened to a wide range of music in all genres, so there are many artists who inspire us creatively. We also strive to approach each recording we make as its own entity, exploring something musically different than before. making. In a general sense, the foundation of our musical DNA has always been built on the music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, with the obvious choices being The Beatles (whether together or solo), Stevie Wonder. , Led Zeppelin, Paul Simon and Tears for Fears. , Prince, and bands like Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Killers, Kings of Leon and Portugal. The Man, Phoebe Bridgers, Halsey, The 1975, etc.

I liked the “Silhouette” video. Where were the live performance elements captured?
thank you! The live studio footage was shot during his two recording sessions at Jackson and Ryder’s studio in Brooklyn, actually recording the song in real time. The rest of the performance footage and close-ups were shot in our home studio.

How has the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown affected you as a band?
It’s had an interesting effect in that it completely shuts down certain aspects of what we do, like live performances and touring opportunities, but in a strange way, isolation also spurs our creativity. I was. in lockdown. He also released his debut album (A Portrait of Man, Pt 1) in August 2020, and his EP (Whiskey & Sinatra: Live in NYC) was released. It didn’t stop us from putting out music. During that time, meditating, making music, and escaping into the creative process to keep busy was something that gave us a lot of solace.

What’s next in 2023?
We have a series of singles and videos planned for the rest of the year and are currently working on planning a tour and hopefully we will be able to attend some festivals along the way. I’m really looking forward to getting out there and playing some new material.

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