Ranking the Opening Song on Every Metallica Album

Metallica’s rankings are rough. Especially when legendary metal starts evaluating individual Metallica songs side by side, rather than just ranking his band’s albums.However, on the group’s next album 72 seasons There’s never been a better time to talk about Metallica songs and delve into the band’s catalog any time soon.

What better way to start ranking Metallica songs than by rating each album’s opening track?

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See the rankings at the bottom of this page.

After all, Metallica has a lot of great album openers. Some of Metallica’s early and late albums contain some of the genre’s most memorable and powerful first tracks. What’s your favorite Metallica album opener?

From the opening track of Metallica’s 1983 debut, kill them allall the way to the first track of the last LP of 2016 Hardwired… self-destruct. (It does not include Luluan album with Metallica’s Lou Reed, although the band considers it canonical in its discography.)

Metallica’s latest 72 seasonson the way

Metallica’s 72 seasons Arriving this spring. However, at the time of writing this article, I have yet to hear his track Title, which is his opening number for this piece.of 72 seasons So far, the singles “Lux Æterna” (November 2022) and “Screaming Suicide” (January 2023) have appeared.

“Does the title have a special meaning?” Metallica singer/guitarist James Hetfield explained 72 seasons Announced in 2022. His first eighteen years of life forming a true or false self. The concept of being taught “who you are” by your parents. Pigeonhole possibilities for what kind of personality we are.

Metallica discography and photo collage

Blackened (8) / Michael Loccisano, Getty Images

Rocker adds: Many of our adult experiences are reenactments or reactions to these childhood experiences. Prisoners of childhood, or liberation from the shackles we hold. “

How Metallica’s new era took off

Last year, Netflix’s Metallica song stranger things It gave the act new mainstream visibility. The Season 4 finale features a scene in which the character Eddie Manson plays “Master of Puppets” on a guitar. Metallica then welcomed new fans before seemingly trying to “cancel” the band.

Meanwhile, Metallica continue to support worldwide through the All Within My Hands Foundation. They said he gave $250,000 in aid after the 2023 Turkey and Syria earthquakes, and he donated $100,000 after the 2022 tropical cyclones. Donated her $20,000 to Pittsburgh Women’s Shelter after her 2022 Pittsburgh gig.

Keep scrolling down to see the ranking of Metallica’s album openers. 72 seasons Metallica are touring through 2024. Tickets for Metallica are available here.

Ranking the opening songs of all Metallica albums

We’ve ranked the opening tracks of every Metallica studio album.

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