Queer Jams of the Week: New Music From Demi Lovato, Kali Uchis, Boygenius & More

March is finally here. That means it’s time to break up your spring playlist and add new songs from your favorite queer girlfriend artists. billboard pride is proud to announce the latest edition of Queer Jam of the Week, a compilation of the best new releases by LGBTQ artists.


Watch the latest videos, charts and news

Watch the latest videos, charts and news

From Demi Lovato’s spine-chilling scream A track from Kali Uchis’ thrilling new album.

Demi Lovato “Still Alive”

There are a few modern artists who are well-suited to offering horror and thrilling pop music at the same time. Demi Lovato is one of those girlfriends. ‘Still Alive’ is the singer’s new song from the new movie Scream VIthe masterclass balances the iconic franchise’s terrifying atmosphere with a roaring rock sensibility. A great addition to the rock era and still flexing the endless vocal prowess that made them a star in the first place.

Kali Uchis red moon of venus

Are you ready to feel love? If so, Kali Uchis has the record for you.and red moon of venus, Uchis, the genre-crossing rising star’s fourth studio album, is about letting go of a loved one (“I Wish You Roses”), being treated right in a relationship (“Fantasy”), or pain. , dives headfirst into the many facets of love. Heartbroken (“Deserve Me”). Featuring star supporting characters such as Summer Walker, Don Toliver and Omar Apollo, Red Moon Pleasure, pain, and everything in between drips, showing how Uchis is a force of nature.

Boisenias, “not strong enough”

Indie rock supergroup Boisenias, also known as Phoebe Bridgers, Julian Baker, and Lucy Dacus, have consistently achieved success with their emotionally charged songs that are a healthy mix of various rock ideas. “Not Strong Enough” is the trio’s quintessential track. With Bridgers and Baker taking up the bulk of the lead vocals, the new song follows the group as they confess to their respective partners, No, they can’t lean on each other in a relationship. The perfect blend of everyone’s unique sounds, it’s a catchy and thrilling indie rock anthem.

Arlo Parks “Impurities”

Make friends who will love you for all your insecurities – in this particular case, friends like Arlo Parks has. , which follows Parks as he celebrates being fully accepted by his friends. Parks proclaims, “You are my soap rainbow/You notice beauty in more forms than others.”

Shy Girl feat. Tinashe, “Heaven”

Welcome to Pearly Gate where Shy Girl and Tinashe are ready to give you a guided tour of ‘Heaven’. This fantastic new song from a hilarious pairing of LGBTQ R&B superstars is everything the title promises. With vocals that naturally complement each other and a hypnotic production that invites you to pure bliss, ‘Heaven’ is a paradise you’ll want to listen to again and again.

Peach PRC, “FU Goodbye”

If you only listen to the melody of Australian pop singer Peach PRC’s new song, you might think it’s a sweet and sour love song. But “FU Goodbye” creates a delicious juxtaposition through its lyrics. Even in the performance of the song, lines like “I hope you choke, you’ll break/lost your money” perfectly land on this great kiss-off .

Carly Hanson “LSE to LAX”

Here are Taylor Alison Swift’s unforgettable words: I’m the problem, it’s me In a nutshell, what Carly Hanson delivers with her “LSE to LAX” is a wistful pop song about lost love and lost connections. Hanson puts all his emotions into a pen, with lyrics like “I promise everything and I’ll take it back the same night” or “I’ve got this weight on my chest/It’s too heavy to hold you.” nail the loneliness expressed in. This is a surprisingly vulnerable single from an artist who continues to show fans why it’s worth listening to on repeat.

Check out all our recommendations billboard This week’s Queer Jam playlist below:

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