Preserving Music Culture: ZZ Top’s Billy F. Gibbons and Antone’s Famous Po’ Boys Team up During Holidays to Support Local Musicians

Austin, TX–(business wire) — To mark their 60th anniversary, the Houston-based Antone’s Famous Poe Boys When Billy F. Gibbons donation from whisker bomb po boy, It consisted of buttermilk-soaked fried green tomatoes, harissa and chipotle mayoBilly F. Gibbons’ Whisker Bomb Has a Mercy Sauce, Antone’s full-service location in Houston serves goat cheese and arugula on Po’ Boy bread.

Earnings from sandwich presented December 27thth with Gibbons Anton’s Famous Po’boy CEO Craig Lieberman To Clifford Anton Foundation Following the arrival of Gibbons jungle show and The nightclubs in Anton in Austin, Texas.

Over 1,200 Whisker Bomb Fried Green Tomato Paw Boys were purchased, resulting in $11,118.00 being paid to support the music community.

A native of Houston, Gibbons knows the Antone brand well. “Antone’s reputation for presenting one of the greatest sandwich collections of all time is unshakable. Po’boy’s dedication to perfection in the world has teamed with Antone’s line of flavor sensations to bring new twists and delicious additions.” I made the draws natural for the sake of it, and Antone’s and Whisker Bomb pepper sauces are the best,” says Gibbons.

“Our customers love Billy Gibbons. He was the perfect Texan to work with us on our 60th anniversary sandwich. Craig Lieberman.

Foundation co-founder Susan Anton said: “We are grateful to Billy Gibbons and Antone’s famous Poe Boys for their efforts in supporting and maintaining this wonderful collaboration and our musical community. It made more sense.”

About Antone’s Famous Po’ Boys

Founded in 1962 as “Antone’s Import Company” by Jalal Antone, the son of a Lebanese immigrant, Antone’s is a fast casual sandwich known for its signature po’boys, hot and cold sandwiches, gumbo and sides made from scratch daily. evolved into the concept of Using the freshest ingredients. In addition to the iconic “grab and go” po boy sandwich, Antone’s offers a variety of handcrafted hot po boy and other deli-style sandwiches, delicious gumbo, seafood platters, salads and more. All items on the menu are made from scratch daily and feature Gulf seafood, house-roasted meats, and po’boy bread.

Antone’s has two full service locations in Houston. West Loop in 4520 San Felipe. 2724 W TC Jester North Loop. Houston, Austin and Dallas he can be found at local grocery stores such as HEB, Kroger and Randall’s, as well as Houston’s leading food service outlets. Texas Children’s Hospital, MD Anderson’s Rotary House, George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), Texas A&M’s Kyle Field, Austin’s Darrell K Royal Texas Memorial Stadium, Anton’s Nightclub, Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (AUS).

About Billy F. Gibbons

Texas native Billy F. Gibbons is an American rock guitarist, singer, and founder of ZZ Top. The BFG began their career in 1968 with the Moving His Sidewalk group, which toured with The Jimi Hendrix Experience. In late 1969 he formed ZZ Top, and in early 1971 he released ZZ Top’s first album.

Gibbons has a gravelly singing voice, is known for his bluesy, groove-based guitar style, and is well known for his chest-length beard.

In addition to demonstrating his acting skills in film and television, Gibbons has made numerous appearances with other artists, most notably in “Back to the Future III” and FOX’s hit TV series “Bones.” is demonstrating Rolling Stone magazine named him one of the 100 greatest guitarists of all time.

About the Clifford Antone Foundation

The Clifford Antone Foundation is an Austin, Texas-based (501c3) organization dedicated to preserving musical culture and communities through senior care and investment in youth. Clifford Antone was the founder and creator of Antone’s Nightclub, Austin’s iconic blues home, founded in 1975 in Austin, Texas.

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