Premier Arts Collective, Triune Mercy Center to continue art and music therapeutic workshops

Premier Arts Collectivea non-profit organization based in Greenville, and Triwan Mercy Center The two organizations announced on January 19 that they will continue to partner to provide arts and music therapy workshops to the community.

The workshop will be held at TMC at 222 Rutherford St. in Greenville and will be led by PAC Art Therapist Courtney Chandler and PAC Music Therapist Alison Huey.

Music therapy participants at the Triune Mercy Center. Photo credit: Premier Arts Collective.

The 90-minute sessions take place on Mondays at 9:30 am, alternating between art and music each week.

“We are very excited to continue our partnership with the Triune Mercy Center in 2023,” said Logan Rice, PAC’s Director of Programs and Events. “These workshops offer more than just a place to compose and participate in songs. We continue to see the benefits of the shop. It’s truly amazing what happens when art is introduced as a means of healing and hope, and continuing to have the opportunity to bring it to the Greenville community is an It is such a gift.

The two organizations launched their partnership in May 2022, initially offering closed-group art and music therapy workshops to individuals served by TMC. In September, the workshop was opened to the public and open to anyone in the community.

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